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2014 - October 3 - 11
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2014 - October 3-5
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Male Classes
SV Judge/Koermeister Helmut Koenig
Female Classes
SV Judge/Koermeister Frank Goldlust


GSDCA 2015 National IPO Championship

May 1 - 3, 2015
Purina Farms
Judges: TBD

A Brief Comparison of AKC and WUSV/SV Conformation Shows


The breed standards are, for all intents and purposes, identical with only small nuances separating the two.

  • The height to length proportions are very minimally different with the AKC standard calling for a ratio of 8.5 to 10 and the WUSV-SV being 8.7 to 10. All else is the same anatomically, except the WUSV-SV standard goes into a bit more detail. In the WUSV-SV the croup is given a specific angle ranging from 23 -28 degrees, while the AKC states only that the croup should be long and gradually sloping.
  • The WUSV-SV recognizes that our standards are essentially the same. The difference is only in the judge’s interpretation of the standard.

The judging techniques vary rather significantly. Many more requirements are placed on the WUSV-SV judge than are placed on an AKC judge.

  • A gun sureness test is required in all classes of dogs 12 months and older
  • A ring helper may, if the judge requests, check teeth and testicles.
  • All dogs entered are given a verbal critique and are placed in order from the first to the last based on the judge’s evaluation. The judge will call over another judge who is judging in that show and explain the placings from first to last (this is not required but is purely a courtesy gesture).
  • The judge has the pedigree of each entry in each class at his disposal to use if he or she desires. This seems irregular, but in the SV system the dog show is primarily a breeder’s show used to evaluate breeding stock. This allows the breeders to see which animals are producing what virtues as well as faults and helps the judge in the evaluation.
  • The initial examination is the same in both systems using the three pillars of good judging:  Temperament, Standing Anatomy and Movement, with each playing an equal part in the judging of working ability.
  •  After completion of the individual exams, the judge has noted in the judge’s book the order of placement based on the individual exam. The placings represent a comparison of each animal against the standard, not against each other. The judge then calls up, in order, the initial placings based only on their initial evaluations which they would like to stay basically the same until finished
  •  Then the rather intensive gaiting follows which allows further evaluation of conditioning and function. This is almost entirely at a walk or a slow to medium trot.
  •  In the working classes an off-lead round is required to further evaluate the dogs.

The awards given are:

  • V- excellent, SG - very good, G - good, A - sufficient, M- insufficient
  • VA - excellent select rating is given only at the Sieger Show and represents a very small segment of the overall entry.
  • 12-18 and 18-24 month ratings are limited to: SG, G, A, or M. The V rating is given only to those animals over 24 months with working titles.
  • Puppy ratings are: VP - very promising, P – promising, LP – less promising. Placings are given as in the AKC ring.

Class structure is by gender and listed below:

  • Puppies 3-6, 6-9, 9-12 months
  • 12-18 months
  • 18-24 months
  • Working class (those 24 months and older with Sch or IPO titles)
  • Open class non-titled (no Sch or IPO); this class is optional

I hope this gives you some insight into the structure of the WUSV-SV show and helps you understand what will be happening at the GSDCA’s Inaugural Sieger Show.

Please join us at this monumental event October 3-5, 2014 at Purina Farms outdoors on the green grass.

Dr. Morton Goldfarb


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