2006 Grand Victrix
2005 Select Excellent
Ch. Castlehills Tuff Cookie HT, PT, TC, ROM

AOE 2006 GVX Select Excellent Ch Castlehills Tuff Cookie HT, PT, TC, ROM
OFA 68324F27F-PI/EL1594F27-PI
Breeder:  K Taylor G. Hardcastle M Stoll J Guzman
Owner:Patty Korsch 
DOB: 10/08/01

AOE 1998 GV Ch. Caraland's Unlimited CD, TC, ROM
AOE 2001 GV Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision TC HT ROM
Ch. Survival's Cherry Koolaid
2006 GVX Select Ex. Ch. Castlehilll's Tuff Cookie HT, PT, TC, ROM
Ch. Jericho's Gatineau ROM
AOE Ch. Castlehill's Cuz I Want To HIC PT
Castlehill's Fontina

Rocky Mountain GSDC - May 2, 2004 --- Best of Breed

A stunning sable bitch. She has it all. Great presence, the look of eagles. Elegant head, with nice almond shaped eye, well placed strong ears, long blade and upper arm coming together at the right angle. The muscle attachment coming from neck to foreassembly is long and strong giving that assemble the power to open fully. Body style and proportions are just about perfect. Short strong loin and back, powerful under drive and follow through. Correct size. A very high quality bitch"

~ Nancy Harper


GSDC of America --- November 5th, 2005 --- Select #9

~ Mr. Ken Downing


GSDC of America --- October 21st, 2006 --- Best of Breed

"A sable of almost perfect structure, clean at both ends, excellent back, croup and topline. She opens at both ends moving close to the ground front and rear. A showman in the first degree that just kept giving it all."

~ Helen Franklin


2006 Award of Excellent Winner


2009 Register of Merit Bitch


Ch. Long Peak's Travel'n Man Talimar
Ch. Long Peak Color My World
Long's Peak I Wanna Talk About Me HT
Long's Peak Isabelle Stuttgart HT
Select Ex. Long's Peak Ginger Bread Cookie
Long's Peak Lido
Long's Peak Thin Mint
  Long's Peak Biscotti Stuttgart