1992 & 1994 GV Ch.
Campaigner's-Gatewood Uzi

AOE 1992 & 1994 GV Ch. Campaigner's-Gatewood Uzi ROM
OFA-H-GS-29256G28M E-GS-EL918
Breeders: Joan & Murray Fox & A. LaPorte, Jr.

Owners: Joan & Murray Fox
March 21, 1989 ~ May 25th, 2002

Carmil's Prime Rate (Prime son)

Ch Carmil's Stetson

Carmil's Martini  (Hawkeye daughter)
AOE 1992/94 GV Ch. Campaigner's-Gatewood Uzi ROM TC HIC

Ch Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM/C

Ch Campaigner's-Gatewood Haganah ROM

GV Ch. Merkel's Vendetta ROM

GSDC of America --- 1989 --- 6 to 9 Puppy Dog

"handsome young black and red male, good coming and going, nice outline covered a lot of ground in motion. A really great attitude. I would like to see a little better ear set. A nice youngster and should do well in the future."

~ Margaret 'Peggy' Douglas

GSDC of America---1989---Best Puppy

"...was a typey, good side moving dog, pretty and good bone. Masculine head and clean on both ends."

~ Betty Radzevich

GSDC of America---1990---Select #7

"... nice, attractive, black and red/tan youngster. Strong in appearance, aggressive in motion, firm in back. He could use a bit more forehand but moves with coordination. clean, ear set a shade close. Appealing."

~ Ed Barritt

GSDC of America---1991---Select #10


GSDC of America --- 1992 --- Best of Breed

"a large stallion of a male with excellent sex characteristics. Beautiful shoulder, with a matching rear. Excellent bone and depth of body. A strong male head, unfortunately, with a rather poor ear set. He moved with easy power, pushing off well in the rear, with a good opening of the shoulder. Strongly pigmented, in good coat and condition. He is quite clean coming and going. I had to get past his ear set to fully appreciate his quality. Although not the spectacular side mover as the Grand Victrix, he was simply the better overall dog. He is that rare stallion type that the breed needs today."

~ Ralph Roberts

GSDC of America --- 1994 --- Best of Opposite Sex

"my initial impression of this dog is that of a large black and tan (strong color) stallion male of good proportion, but not overdone. He possesses an excellent head (strong mussel---proper length, not too long, and good underjaw), nice length of neck, strong back, appealing overline, well formed rear and substantail bone. In motion he was a consistent performer, never faltering, but could use a bit more front extension. When posed he is quite magnificent, standing calmy and alert from beginning to end. In retrospect, I'd say that he came to win and he did. To me he looks like a Grand Victor---having the appearance of substance and strength lacking in some of the males being shown today."

~ Ed Barritt

GSDC of America---1995---Select #4

"This was one of the few dogs that I recognized. Twice the Grand Victor, he came to win. He never quit working but, unfortunately, this was not his best day in the ring. Standing he has great presence and is a stallion of a dog. Proud and noble. A black and tan with good secondary sex characteristics. He has good proportions, is deep in body and has a strong back and rear. He is clean coming and going and moves with his feet close to the ground. While he did not move as well from the side as the others, he earned a placing as a Select."

~ Carmen Battaglia


1994 Register of Merit Sire

  Ch. Campaigner's Percussion
Ch Campaigner's Ruth of Ky-Rhett
  Ch. Campaigner's Merkel's Equity SK
Merkel's Vested Interest
  Ch. Campaigner's-Gatewood Hadasah
Ch. Hadori's Joan Rivers of Oh My ROM
Hadori's Xacta
  Ch. Su Ro's Jentleman Jack
Ch Woodland Stardust
  Ch. Solana's Saturday Night Special CD, TC, CGC
Quiet Riot of Edan
  Ch. Wes Andra's Ashley
Jalamor Anne Gtech Guns
  Ch. Stonekroft's Luger
Stonekroft's Lacey
  Ch. Campaigner's Aim to Please
Ch Campaigner's I Told You So
  Ch. Langlitz's Rapid Fire TC

Ch. Langlitz's Ratatattat

indicates a member of the 13 Club