Ch. Chlodulf v Pelztierhof PH, ROM

Ch. Chlodulf v Pelztierhof PH, ROM
Born:  April 4th, 1933 
Owner: Anton Korbel

Arno v. Deutschen Werken

Edi aus der Leineweberhohe

Hella v Ostheim
Ch. Chlodulf v Pelztierhof PH, ROM

Ch. Curt v. Bachtor

Bella v. Lohlwiggehohe

  Anni v. Billhof

 "Chlodulf von Pelztierhof, used extensively on the Pacific Coast, was imported to the U.S. by Anton Korbel in 1936.  Chlodulf was a gray dog of good size and possessing heavy bone.  He was deep and had a tremendous chest.  His back as strong and he was well gaited.  He could have used more spring in  pastern and was rather heavy all through his structure.  Chloduf was by Edi a.d. Leineweberhofe, and out of Bella von der Hohbrugger-Hohe.  He was a foundation sire on the West Coast and sired some excellent offspring to carry on his inheritance.  He was especially useful for breeding to small and light-boned bitches.  His get generally inherited his size and structural strength and possessed a good deal of nobility.  This line also gives us generally a good gait, a slight softness in back, less than the desired ninety-degree angulation in the shoulder assembly, but good balance throughout, good temperament and trainability."

~Capt. WM. Goldbecker and Ernest H. Hart
"This is the GERMAN SHEPHERD" 

"This was another dog from Germany that exerted a lot of influence on the breed not only in America but also later to appear in German pedigrees through one dog. He was imported into California. With Odin von Busecker Schloss he shared the spotlight on the west coast. They completely dominated the whole breed right up the coast and into Canada. The pedigree of Chlodulf von Peltzierhof PH missed Utz. He had no common ancestors in four generations.

Neither am I surprised that they got excellent working types, great obedience dogs, through Chlodulf, especially when tied in with Odin von Busecker Schloss. Chlodulf himself had the PH, as did his father, there were a lot of working degrees accumulated through his pedigree. The doubling up on Flora Berkemeyer would increase even more through Odin and would also tend to bring out working ability. Chlodulf seemed to provide that touch of outcross so needed as a descendant without Utz."

Gordon Garrett
Author of German Shepherd Dog History