Frigga of Silver Lane ROM

Frigga of Silver Lane ROM
Dam of the Arbywood "litter" of six champions.
Breeder: Louanna T. Alexander
Owners: Lucy and Ronald B. Woodward
1954-June, 1964


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Hanna v Equord SchH II
Frigga of Silver Lane ROM

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  Judith of Blassmor

1962 Register of Merit Dam

"Frigga tops the list with an all time high in points for bitches. Lucy bought her as an 8 week old puppy. When she was 4 years old she was bred to Ch. Troll v. Richterbach ROM and whelped a litter of 10 on October 23, 1957. She was never bred again. Eight of the ten lived to maturity, four males being retained by Arbywood. Of these eight, six became champions. Nineteen years ago my Ch. Marlo v. Hoheluft and Ch. Nyx of Long-Worth were bred and the famous "D" litter resulted. It was the first and only 6 champion Shepherd litter in the world and held the record until Sunday, March 3, 1963 when Arbywood's great "F" litter match it--the second 6 champion litter of Shepherds in the world. It seems especially wonderful that I, who had a part in the first such litter, should be able to announce the second and to congratulate the breeder and owners.

Frigga, rather small and sable in color, is a house dog as are her four big sons who live at Arbywood. She has no trouble bossing them and even grumbles a little if she thinks they are getting too much attention."

-Margaret M. Megahan

1964 Register of Merit Report

"... and so for this 1964 ROM report I would choose one bitch to receive a closing tribute and she is Frigga who surged ahead this year to 503 points --- 124 points ahead of her nearest competitor.  Frigga died in June, 1964 at the age of 10 1/2 years.  Her record is a fantastic one.  Owned by Lucy Woodard, she was bred only once.  That once produced the world's second six champion Shepherd litter --- the famous Arbywood F boys to match the equally famous Long-Worth D litter of 20 years ago.  With just one change to do it, Frigga put a stamp of quality on our breed ---0 did her share to lead it up.  For Lucy, as for all of us who love Shepherds, her life was all too short.  Show wins and titles seem to take second place and the memory of a loved personality first.  I believe it is in the hands of owners of whom that is true that the future of our breed is secure."

-Margaret M. Megahan

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