VA Hektor v Schwaben

VA Hektor v Schwaben
Born January 5th, 1898
1900 & 1901 Sieger
Breeder:  H. Drieger; Schw.- Germany

Kastor SZ #153

Horand v Grafrath (coat color: gray)

Lene Sparwasser SZ #156
VA Hektor v Schwaben


Mores Plieningen HGH (coat color: Black & Tan) SZ #159 

Most Important Progeny
Thekla von der Krone
Pilot III
Thekla von der Krone
Heinz v. Starkenburg
Lucie von Starkenburg
1903 Sgr. VA Roland vom Park
Flora I von Karlsruhe - (Jauch)
Roland vom Goldsteintal
Nelli II Eislingen der Älteren
Nelli Eislingen

"Hektor v Schwaben sired 141 progeny from 39 bitches but unlike his father he does seem to have had greater success with Pollux-bred females and also Horand daughters.  He was clearly a better specimen than his sire with better angulations fore and aft than most dogs of the era.  He does seem to have had a rather "dippy" back and his yellow-gray colour cannot have impressed.  He did sire the 1903 Sieger but his main claim to fame lay through his sons Heinz v Starkenburg and the litter brothers Beowulf and Pilot."

~Author Unknown

Hektor von Schwaben most influencial progeny were Beowulf, Hein von Starkenburg and Pilot III.  Beowulf and Pilot III were brothers out of Thekla I von der Krone, who was sired by Horand.  

The three sons of Hektor made their influence felt.  

All three of the sons proved to be extremely influential in the breed.