Am/Can/Mex. Champion
Kaimacha Jamaica v McCoy CD, TC, ROM

Ch. Kaimacha Jamaica v McCoy CD, TC, ROM
OFA GS-300729-T/EL1661
Breeders: Iris Grimes & Laurie Greer
Owners: Laurie J. Greer

1989 ~ 2002

Stardust's Dusty Roads ROM

Ch. Lairlyn's Fantasy Island ROM, CD

Pawnee Cove Dusty ROM
Ch. Kaimacha Jamaica v McCoy CD, TC, ROM

Ch. McCoy's Casey

Ch. McCoy's Rachelle

McCoy's Lindsey of Murphaus

GSDC of America---1992---Select #7

"very feminine sable bitch. Good head and dark eye. Good shoulder and rear angulation. Nice topline standing, with a nice short hock. Slightly long in loin, but has a nice natural topline. Easy moving bitch, with a nice reach in front. Quite clean coming and going. Did not move as strongly at the end as she did coming into the competition. Exhibited some motion to her back."

~ Ralph Roberts


2000 Register of Merit Dam

Ch. Kaimacha Jamaicame Non Stop CD
Am/Can. Ch. Kaimacha Fly By Night CD, PT
Am/Mex. Ch. Kaimacha The Shadow Knows ROM
Ch. Brookwood's Chad of Lockleen
Ch. Kaimacha Jamaica Flyer
Ch. Kaimacha The Color Purple