Ch. Nyx of Long-Worth ROM

Ch. Nyx of Long-Worth ROM

DOB:  May 18th, 1942

Falko of Benlore

Ch Gary of Benlore ROM

Ardia of Mergenhaus
Ch. Nyx of Long-Worth ROM

Pfeffer v Saliba

Elga v Saliba ROM

  Stella v Saliba

1953 Register of Merit Dam


"The great producing bitch, Ch. Nyx of Long Worth ROM, started second below Ch. Carol of Ruthland ROM on the first ROM list for the years 1941 through 1953 with 10 progeny and 115 points to Carol's 150. By 1956 with 153.5 points, Nyx became the All Time Top ROM Dam and retired in 1960.


The six titleholders of the famous "D" litter of Long Worth that first made Shepherd history were sired by Margaret Megahan's Register of Merit dog, Ch. Marlo von Hoheluft. The dam, also a Register of Merit, was the great producing bitch, Ch. Nyx of Long Worth. Responsible for this excellent producing combination is the well known judge and German Shepherd breeder, Lloyd Brackett. The mating which produced Derry, Drum, Dennis, Dyrk, Diedra and Diva was made according to a definite breeding formula, combining the blodd of GV Ch. Pfeffer von Bern, his half-brother Ch. Odin von Busecker-Schloss ROM and Ch. Arras aus der Stadt-Velpert. Nyx's record was equaled by the "F" litter of Arbywood and then a new record of eight champions in one litter was set by Ch. Chlomaxsi's Talitha v D&L ROM, CD, TT in 2001. Nyx's other champions were: Ch. Royal Rhythm of Long Worth, Ch. Ila of Long Worth, Ch. Largo of Long Worth, Ch. Elise of Long Worth, Ch. Escapade of Long Worth, and Nyxson of Long Worth.

Ch. Nyx of Long Worth ROM was sired by Ch. Gary of Benlore ROM, a Ch. Odin vom Buseckerschloss ROM grandson. GV Ch. Pfeffer v Bern was the grandsire of her dam, Elga of Saliba, Honorary ROM dam. The sires in her tail female line were Arras and Utz. Since Odin and Pfeffer were sired by Dachs v Bern who was an Utz grandson, this made additional lines to Utz. However, the most interesting thing about her pedigree was that her sire, Garry, had grandparents who were sister/brother, Ch. Erna of Benlore and Eburt of Benlore, right in the middle of his pedigree. Garry was especially prized by breeders as he was not only a beautiful dog, but could produce. He was reported to have sired 50 champions.

When you look at Ch. Marlo v Hohenluft's pedigree the more usual kind of incest breeding is found through his dam who was out of brother and sister Hannes and Mimi of Shereston. Marlo was sired by Pfeffer so the line breeding for the "D" litter was 2-4 on Pfeffer. Pfeffer himself was 3-3 on Utz v Haus Schutting. These were also inside lines on his pedigree with a half brother/sister.

~ Cappy Pottle and Gloria Birch

A private letter from Lloyd Brackett - Long Worth Kennels;

"There will be a big rush to use recent imports. Any and every bitch bred to them. Does ANYBODY know much of what is behind those dogs or have anything of similar blood to tie in with them? Do they breed intensely close-up bred bitches to them with the intention of breeding resultant progeny back into the dam's side of the family to hold characteristics they have and want to keep? I'd like to know of just one with the idea in mind!

I used Cito v. Haus-Tippersruh on Ch. Nyx. I don't like much about the dog, make no bones of saying so. No forechest to speak of, forehand and topline nothing to brag about, stifle satisfactory but hock too long etc. Then why on earth did I use him!? Because I have other Nyx progeny I can use the Cito-Nyx pups with if I got what I looked for and hoped for from the mating. Because to hold what Nyx has and gives, through her intensive breeding, I must keep breeding on her offspring and to do that must of necessity bring in some cold blood to carry on with. Fortunately and as I hoped and rather expected, the puppies for the most part, at five months of age when so little can yet be told, are of their dam's type more than their sire's. Long bodied, very deep chested, well angulated fore and rear, unusually big bone and substance, not at all leggy or shelly and have better croups then their dam."

December 22, 1949

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