1937 German Sieger
Ch. Odin v Busecker-Schloss ROM

Ch. Odin v Busecker-Schloss ROM
SZ# 463301
Born: April 23rd, 1934
Breeder: Herr Alfred Hahn, Harburg - Buseck

V Alex v Ebersnacken SchH III

V Dachs v Bern ZPr

Viki v Bern

Ch. Odin v Busecker-Schloss ROM

Claus v Busecker Schloss

Gerda v Busecker Schloss

Lore v Schevernschloss


Germany Sieger Show---September 19th, 1936---V1-Excellent

"Fully developed.  Very good body construction and a far reaching gait.  Appears to me today to be of a dry type of heading dog, but however, somewhat over heavy and therefore does not show in the long gaiting the energy or endurance of a herding dog.  One premolar missing."

-Dr. Sachs

Frankfurt Sieger Show/Young Dog Class---Top seven dogs

"... very good in structure, but, for his age, very big and heavy."

1937 Sieger Show---Reserve Sieger

..."bold and aggressive."

"Reserve Sieger in 1937 was Odin v Busecker Schloss a light grey sable fractionally taller and much heavier than Pfeffer (v Bern) (24 in, 88 lbs.).  He was also by Dachs v Bern and inbred 5:4:3: on Klodo v Boxberg A very powerful long dog with an outstanding strong back and a gait that was filmed for future generations of breeders to gloat over, Odin had a steepish upper arm but a well laid back shoulder with a long humerus.  He had good feet, croup and stifle with a temperament bordering on the aggressive.  One premolar was missing.  Owned by the Villa Marina kennels he reversed the Sieger awards in the States and retired from the ring in 1942 undefeated in the breed in America.  His stud record was less impressive than Pfeiffer's but he suited Pfeiffer 'blood' and in the main gave good middle pieces and strong backs with good transmission but some missing teeth and inevitable colour paling in view of his own colour.  Like Pfeiffer he was ROM and like him is regrettably not really to be found in British pedigree."

~Author Unknown