Ch. Tindrock's Firestorm at NIMH RN TC

AOE Ch. Tindrock's Firestorm at NIMH RN TC
GS-71998G24M-PI EL17894M24-PI
Breeder/Owner: Keith Hitt & Cheryl Olson
DOB: 06/07/03

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AOE Ch. Tindrock's Firestorm at NIMH RN TC
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GSDC of America --- October 13th, 2004 --- 12 to 18 Dog & Reserve Winners Dog

"I loved this dog when he came into the ring. Great head ears, long neck and a striking expression. With a solid back, his rear thrusts from the powerful under drive into the outreaching front. He was as wild as a young bull. He knew what he wanted, and that was to get the choke chain off his neck, then go to his owner who was calling him. Even though he was a bit unruly there was no denying him this class win. The quality in this class was very deep, which made it difficult to choose only four winners. The class was filled with big masculine dogs with adolescent-like behaviors."

~ Gloria Birch

GSDC of Western Massachusetts --- April 23rd, 2005 --- Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"My WD...BOW was Tinderock's Fire Storm At NIMH. He came from a deep class of 8 and performed beautifully on a loose lead. He is all male and in great condition. I believe I ended up working four at the end before I pointed to him and they were all deserving animals. I ended up asking myself which one I would take home and it came down to 2. I pointed to the Open guy but it wasn't an easy decision. I found out later this big guy was the RWD from the Nationals and my award finished him. That always makes a Judge feel good. He was expertly handled by Patty Comeau."

~ Paul Root


GSDC of America --- October 20th, 2007--- Select #13

"Strong pigmented back and red male. Good head, hard back, down and back clean. Pleasing side mover."

~ Ed Barritt