1959 & 1960 Sieger
Volker v. Zollgrenzschutz-Haus SchH III CACIB, ROM

Sgr. Volker v. Zollgrenzschutz-Haus
SZ# 935474
Breeder/Owner: Josef Wassermann
Born: November 20, 1956

Falk v Emschleuss

Ch. Harry v Donaukai SchH III ROM

Freia v Donaukai
Sgr. Volker v. Zollgrenzschutz-Haus

Igor v Tempelbrick

Perle v Zollgrenzschutz-Haus

  Krafta v Zollgrenzschutz-Haus

Koer Report---August 9th, 1958

"Linebreeding: Dieb Liebschensmuehle (4-5,5).  A medium sized, strong, dry- muscled, harmonious male with good angulation, good chest formation, and quite, confident temperament, pronounced defense reaction, reaching gait, good solid structure.  Quiet, alert, good natured, fearless.  Trotter-structure.  Heavy substantial, medium sized, long.  Height 25.0 inches, weight 89 pounds.  Color: Black, with tan legs and tan markings, mask.  Back yields slightly.  Breeding advised: Not suitable for heavy bitches, good partner to compensate for lack of substance ore passive temperament."


January 1959 Karlsruhe Germany -- Seiger Show VA #1


January 1960 Duesseldorf Germany -- Seiger Show VA #1

Medium sized, more strongly, drying bemuskelter, even-moderate Ruede with good bending of the member masses, buter chest formation and calm safe Wesen;ausgepraegter combat impulse.


Volker von Zollgrenscheuthaus completed all three of his Schutzhund degrees at an early age. He was seen as a very tough dog that responded to the attack work like he had been born to it. He was. Mr. Wasserman also took him out to the dog shows, he was shown fairly close to home first of all in Munchin or as it was known before, Munich. His second show was a little further in Augsburg. Both times he rated very good which is as high a rating as they would give to a young dog. After that he went to Manheim to the Sieger Show, under Heinz Roeper he won the Young Dog Class.

Traditionally a win in the Young Dog Class at the Sieger Show puts the winner in a favourable position the next year as an adult. From then on every show that Volker was in he rated V or excellent. He was beginning his move to the Sieger Show. In 1959 and 1960 Dr. Funk placed him first in the Adult Male Class. In 1959 Volker was Sieger for the first time. He followed it up by winning the title again the next year. Dr. Funk considered Volker to be the goal the breeders should be breeding towards."

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History

1966 Register of Merit Sire

Ch. Tom v.d. Murrenhuette SchH III
Thea V Freitagsblick SchH1
Ch. Alk vom Knoops Park CDX
Xyra vom Drei-Kinder-Haus
Ch. Dux vom Sixtberg SchH III
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Ch. Lahngold's Rhemba
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"Volker v Zollgrenschutz-Haus, Sieger in 1959 & 1960 was largely unrelated to the successful winners of the era being sired by Am. Ch. Harry v Donaukai and he traced in tail male line to VA Fels v Vogtlandshof, a grey descendant of Odin v Stolzenfes and himself a top winner of his time.  In addition to his double Sieger win Volker won 6 CACIBs and was thus Int. Champion.  He went to America in 1963 for a limited period and sired enough winners to reach ROM status in 1966.  From him came long coats and cryptorchid factors and in many ways he was less of a success than expected.  His proportions were better than the Rolf lines and to British eyes his hind angulation was more acceptable.  His breeder used him successfully in inbreeding programmes and his lasting influence came via his grandson VA Condor v Zollgrenschutz-Haus."

~Author Unknown