Am. & Can. Ch. Woodhaven's In Search Of, TC, ROM

Ch. Woodhaven's In Search Of, TC ROM

Breeders: Jessica D. Torres & Anne Brogen
Owners: Maria & Joe Bihari
June 24, 1988-July 31, 2000

Kolbrook's Ol' Waylon

Woodhaven's Ashley

Pinebuck's Chillchaser
Ch. Woodhaven's In Search Of, TC ROM

Kolbrook's Smoke of Malibar

Kolbrook's Leah of Woodhaven

Kolbrook's Subaru

GSDC of America---1991---Select #2


GSDC of America---1992---Select #4

"beautiful type, well balanced, with a well rounded croup and nice, short hock. Excellent pigment, with a pleasing outline. Nicely angulated front and rear. Easy side mover with a nice extension. Quite clean coming and going. Lost a little of his topline as time went on, but a realy quality dog."

~ Ralph Roberts

1995 Register of Merit Sire

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