Premium Lists & Show/Trial/Temp Test Information

The links below are downloadable PDF versions of Premium Lists and SV Show/Trial Information.  You may download them to your computer or print them on your printer.

(ALL Regional Clubs: Please send your Show Dates, Premium Lists & Information Flyers in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you need assistance with converting your Premium List to a PDF file please contact us at the same email address.

3/29/19 3/13/19

Mid-Pacific Futurity/Maturity Premium


GSDCA Temperament Test, sponsored by GSDC of Reno

3/30/19 3/13/19

GSDC of Central Indiana Specialty, Obedience/Rally Premium

3/30/19 3/13/19

Sacramento Valley GSDC Specialty Premium

3/31/19 3/13/19

GSDC of Reno Specialty Premium

4/6/19 3/20/19

GSDC of Austin Specialty Shows (Held in conjunction with the GSDCA Southwest Futurity/Maturity)

GSDC of Austin Specialty Entry Form

4/6/19 3/20/19

GSDC of Central Indiana Specialty Shows Premium

4/7/19 3/20/19

Southwest Futurity/Maturity Premium

4/12/19 4/5/19

DTOC Fast CAT Premium (held in conjunction w/ GSDCGW FCAT's

4/12/19 4/5/19

GSDC of Greater Washington, D.C. Fast CAT Premium (2 events each day!)

4/14/19 3/27/19

GSDC of Southern NH Specialty Premium

4/7/19 3/25/19

Delaware Valley GSDC Premium (Rally & Obedience)

4/20/19 4/3/19

San Gabriel Valley & Long Beach GSDC Combined Specialties Premium

4/20/19 - 4/21/19 4/3/19

GSDC of North Georgia Specialty Shows

4/21/19 4/3/19

South Pacific Futurity/Maturity Premium

4/26/19 - 4/28/19  

GSDCA IG National Championship/Sieger Show Flyer

5/3/19 4/17/19

Northern NJ GSDC Specialty Premium

5/4/19 4/17/19

GSDC of Northern Ohio, Inc. Specialty Show Flyer

Entry Form

5/4/19 4/17/19

Mid-Atlantic Futurity/Maturity Premium

5/5/19 4/17/19

GSDC of Western PA Specialty Shows Premium (Temperament Test to be held after shows)

5/12/19 4/24/19

Northwest Futurity/Maturity Premium

5/17/19 - 5/19/19 5/1/19

Illini GSDC & GSDCA Regional Specialty Show Premium

5/18/19 - 5/19/19 5/1/19

Rocky Mountain GSDC & Pikes Peak GSDC Specialty Premiums

Entry Form

5/17/19 - 5/19/19 5/3/19

Atlanta/Augusta GSDC Combined Specialty Shows Premium


Atlanta/Augusta GSDC Sponsored Temperament Test

5/19/19 5/5/19

GSDC of Southern NH Scent Work Trials Premium

5/25/19 5/8/19

GSDC of Greater Cincinnati Specialty Premium (Temperament Test, CGC, & Trick Dog Testing entry forms also included!)

5/26/19 5/8/19

GSDC of Central Ohio Specialty Premium

5/27/19 5/8/19

Great Lakes Futurity/Maturity Premium

6/14/19 5/29/19

GSDC of Southern NH Specialty Show Premium

6/16/19 5/29/19

Northeast Futurity/Maturity Premium

6/21/19 6/5/19

Midwest Futurity/Maturity Premium


GSDC of Washington State Temperament Test