Entries Close, WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2016 after which time entries cannot be accepted, cancelled, altered or substituted, except as provided for in Ch 11, Sec 6 of the Dog Show Rules

National Futurity Secretary: 
Margaret Bleakney, 612 N. Ross Ave., Mexia TX 76667, 254-237-2158, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Futurity/Maturity Show Participation will require two fees.  For 2016, both fees will be collected at the time entries are made.

This first fee is an Individual Dog Nomination Fee:
1)  In order to enter any Futurity or Maturity show, each dog/bitch in Futurity and Maturity will be required to pay an Individual Dog Nomination fee of $20.00.  This is in addition to the Litter Nomination fee previously paid and is not part of the entry fee.  (no Littermate discounts)

2)  In the case of a Double Entry (entering two regions, show in only one) the Individual Dog Nomination fee is paid only once for the first region.

The second fee is the actual Entry Fee and will be used to calculate CASH prizes:
1) Entry Fee for all participants (no littermate discounts)        $10.00
2) Entry Fee for entering a second region (Double entered)    $10.00

Entry forms can be filled out and submitted online BY CLICKING HERE.

Paper entries should be mailed, emailed or faxed to the National Futurity Secretary.  Canadian exhibitors must remit entry fees in US funds.  Individual Nomination Fees and Entry fees can be paid on-line in the GSDCA.org store.  Checks for Individual Nomination Fees and Entry fees are to be made payable to the GSDCA and mailed to the National Futurity Secretary.

Rules Applying to Futurity & Maturity Shows (Please read Carefully)

Rules applying to all Classes:
•    Dogs may not be shown unless entries have been received & listed in the show catalog (the only exceptions would be in the event omissions are due to printer’s error).
•    Dogs must be from a properly nominated litter and one owner MUST be a member of GSDCA.  A membership application can be submitted with the entry or on-line at www.gsdca.org.  
•    All Futurity/Maturity exhibitors may enter their dogs in the region of their choice; Double entries will be accepted but the dog may be shown in only one region.  (1)
•    In order to be eligible to be shown in the Maturity in 2016 a dog it must have been entered, but not necessarily shown in one of the previous year's regional Futurity shows and the owner must be a member in good standing of the GSDCA.  If not previously entered, the owner may pay a fee to enter Maturity only in addition to the regular entry fee(s).
•    Exhibitors may NOT enter their dogs under the owner or co-owners, or any member of the household of the immediate family of the owner or co-owner of the dam of their entry.  
•    Exhibitors may NOT enter their dogs under any breeder of their entry.
•    Change of judge:  Due to a change of the named judge, should an exhibitor wish to pull their entry, he/she can enter next year’s Maturity, but would not be eligible to enter a different Futurity this year.

(1)  Any owner, handler or agent that chooses to make two entries is responsible to make sure the dog is only shown one time.  Penalties are severe and will be enforced. 
•    If a dog is shown in more than one Futurity/Maturity, any and all awards given to that animal will be disallowed.
•    Violations of the Futurity Rules regarding the double entry of a dog or dogs in the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. Futurity/Maturities shall be referred to the Board of Directors by the chairperson of the Futurity/Maturity Committee, pursuant to Article 7 of the By-Laws for investigation and possible action.
•    The penalty for violation of such Futurity/Maturity rules could be prohibition for the owner, co-owner, handler or agent of a dog or dogs in question for up to one year from the date of the decision of the Board of Directors regarding such violation.
Amateur Classes
Amateur handled classes are part of the Regular event.  There will be a Best and Best Opposite Amateur Handled competition at both the Regional and National levels.
•    Dogs/bitches that are owned or bred by a professional handler may be entered in the Amateur classes but may not be exhibited by any professional handler in the class. (2)
•    Only amateurs may handle in the amateur futurity/maturity classes and in the best amateur competition. 
•    Anyone can handle an Amateur class winner in the regular Winner’s classes.  (same as Bred-By Exhibitor in a point show)
•    Dogs CANNOT be entered in both the Amateur class and Regular class in the same region. 

(2)  A rule as set forth by AKC in Chapter 2, section 11, allows clubs to limit participation of professional handlers. For the purpose of the Amateur handled Futurity/Maturity the following rules will apply.
•    One who has a rate card, or one who has accepted compensation of any kind for handling, or who conditions and/or trains dogs for others, within one (1) year of the scheduled date of the Amateur, will be considered a Professional Handler
•    An individual who trains and conditions dogs for others, but who is otherwise not a "Professional Handler" nor has ever been a "Professional Handler" may handle in the Amateur Classes if they are the breeder or in the family of the breeder of record of the dog showed.
•    Juniors as defined by AKC will be allowed to handle in the Amateur classes   The rules applying to Junior Handlers as set forth by the American Kennel Club shall also be applicable to the Amateur Futurity division.
•    Exhibitors may NOT enter their dogs under any judge with whom they co-own any dog.
•    Judges, handlers, and exhibitors are REQUIRED to abide by the AKC guidelines regarding handlers not showing under a judge for whom they have handled within a 4 month period.

Winners Classes
•    Best in Futurity and Best of Opposite Sex in Futurity will be selected from the first place winners in Junior, Teenage, Junior-Teen Amateur handled, Intermediate Senior and Int.-Senior Amateur handled classes.  Best in Maturity and Best of Opposite in Maturity will be selected from the first place winners in Junior, Junior Amateur Handled, Senior and Senior Amateur handled classes.
•    A Reserve will be selected only in the Regular Futurity/Maturity winners’ classes.  No Reserves in the Amateur Handled winners’ classes.
Regional Prizes
Cash Prizes
65% of the entry fees for each region will be returned as cash prizes.  The allocation is as follows:

Regular classes:
•    60% of the Futurity entries for Best in Futurity
•    40% of the Futurity entries for the Best of Opposite Sex in Futurity
•    60% of the Maturity entries for Best in Maturity
•    40% of the Maturity entries for the Best of Opposite Sex in Maturity

Ribbons and Plaques
•    First place – through Fourth place – Plaque & Ribbon
•    Plaques and Rosettes will be awarded to the Best in Futurity & Best Opposite Sex to Best In Futurity and to the Best in Maturity & Best Opposite Sex to Best In Maturity in each region.
•    Rosettes will be awarded to the Reserve winners in Futurity and Maturity
•    Rosettes will be awarded to Best and Best Opposite in Amateur handled Futurity and Maturity.  No reserves.
National Prizes
Best in, Best of Opposite Sex and the Reserve winners from each region shall be eligible to compete at the GSDCA National Specialty Show for the title of GSDCA Futurity Victor & Victrix and Maturity Victor & Victrix as determined by sex.  The German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. will award a Silver Medal to the Best in Futurity and Maturity and the Best Opposite Sex to Best in Futurity and Maturity at the National Specialty Show.
Three ROM points will be given to the sires & dams of the Best in Futurity, Best of Opposite Sex in Futurity, Best in Maturity & Best Opposite Sex to Best in Maturity at the National Specialty Show.  Futurity and Maturity Victor & Victrix each will be featured on a cover page of The German Shepherd Dog Review.
Best In & Best Opposite Sex Amateur handled winners from each region shall be eligible to compete at the GSDCA National Specialty Show for the title of GSDCA Amateur handled Futurity Victor & Victrix and Maturity Victor & Victrix as determined by sex.  Amateur winners shall be handled by amateurs.

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Objectives of the Futurity System

The objectives of the Futurity System, created by the Futurity Re-Evaluation Committee, headed by Connie Beckhardt in 1984, are the same today as they were then:

  • To bring together each year as many young animals as possible from different bloodline combinations so that the fancy can share and learn by the accomplishments of each other.
  • To provide all club members, large breeders or single puppy owners alike, the opportunity to compete year after year under conditions equally favorable to all.
  • To provide an incentive to improve Shepherd bloodlines and add to the excellence of the breed as a whole. The Futurities provide the breeder with the opportunity to nominate his/her litter as a statement of faith in his/her breeding program.
  • To provide a means of early identification to breeders of the strength and weaknesses of current stud dogs.
  • To provide a Judging environment that will promote the highest level of sportsmanship, thereby eliminating direct perceptions of unfairness.
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Futurity/Maturity States per Region

REGION #1 NORTHEASTERN: Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut

REGION #2 MID-ATLANTIC: New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia

REGION #3 SOUTHEASTERN: North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Puerto Rico

REGION #4 GREAT LAKES: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky

REGION #5 MIDWESTERN: Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota

REGION #6 SOUTHWESTERN: Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico

REGION #7 SOUTHERN PACIFIC: Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, Southern California (all counties south of San Luis Obispo, Kern and San Bernardino)

REGION #8 MID-PACIFIC: Nevada (except Las Vegas), Utah, Northern California (all counties north of San Luis Obispo, Kern and San Bernardino), Hawaii

REGION #9 NORTHWESTERN - Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, Alaska, ALL OF CANADA


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