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What is the 2013 WUSV World Championship XXVI

by Dan Yee, 2013 WUSV World Championship Chair

 GSDCA Support of the World Championship - What is It?

The World Championship, referred to by many as the World Cup Competition, is an international Schutzhund 3 Championship Trial where the best teams from throughout the world gather to compete for ultimate recognition as the World’s Best Schutzhund 3 Dog Competition Team.

Both the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (“GSDCA”) and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America-Working Dog Association (“GSDCA-WDA”) have consistently supported the World Championship event since its inception more than 30 years ago.

History of the World Championship

Originally known as the European Championship, the competition began in 1975 in Salzburg, Austria, and involved competitors exclusively from Europe. Interest and participation in the competition grew rapidly, however, as teams from outside Europe entered with increasing frequency. In 1988, the event was officially declared the “WUSV World Championship”, highlighting its intercontinental participation and its connection with the World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs (“WUSV”).

Today, the event is closely followed by nearly 300,000 members of the WUSV member clubs, thousands of whom make the trek annually to the Championship’s nomadic locale to see it “live”.


The WUSV, comprising of member clubs from all inhabited continents, was founded, in part, by the GSDCA. The GSDCA sent its first participants to the World Championship in the late 1970's. After the GSDCA-WDA was formed, the competition participants from the GSDCA were determined by the outcome of the GSDCA-WDA National Championships. “Team America” consistently performs well in the competition. In 2006, the United States team that was made up of GSDCA and USCA members won the WUSV Team title.

WUSV member clubs take turns organizing the prestigious competition each year. The GSDCA, with the support of the GSDCA-WDA, has the honor of hosting this esteemed event in 2013. The event will take place during the week of October 14 to 20, 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and will be done in association with the GSDCA Centennial Celebration.

The 2013 WUSV Event

The GSDCA and GSDCA-WDA intend to present a World-Class event in 2013. Indeed, advance planning and detailing of duties have already begun. Nonetheless, the 2013 WUSV World Championship will require many hands to accomplish all of the necessary tasks. Teams will come from many foreign countries and we will need assistance with translation, basic event tasks, and dog specific matters that confront the participants.

The Host Hotel will be the Hotel is Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, 76 Industrial Highway, Essington, PA  19029, (610)521-9600.

How You Can Help

A myriad of administrative matters must be attended to, including registration, catalog preparation, check-in of competitors and the sale of banquet tickets.

We will need help with VIP hospitality, transportation/busing of spectators to and from the tracking fields, setting up and moving equipment on the obedience/protection field, selecting the protection helpers, and organizing the opening and closing ceremonies.

Although the WUSV Board selects the judges, we are responsible for handling all other aspects of the event. This means, “WE NEED YOU!”

If you can help, please contact Dan Yee by telephone at 1.213.610.0188 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Your assistance will help make this championship a memorable and successful event.