How Are The Master Agility Rankings Calculated?

The Top 20 GSDs and their handlers are invited to participate in the annual competition at the GSDCA National Specialty.  The total MACH points for Standard and Jumpers with Weaves runs are calculated in the Regular Classes and as a bonus each team receives 10 extra points for each QQ (double qualifying run) during the time frame.

Each Top 20 participant receives a rosette for competing and the top 4 Placements will also receive corresponding 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place recognition ribbons (tabs).  During the event, each participant will run 2 courses designed and judged by the AKC judge of record assigned to the trial. The courses will be a modified standard run with no table and a Jumpers with Weaves run. Standard course time will be determined and the AKC International Sweepstakes Class (ISC) rules will apply.

The 2016 Top 20 Event will also include a Top 10 Preferred competition that will be scored separately from the Top 20 Regular Class and using the same scoring and award criteria.

Agility Chair

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Master Agility GSD Rankings

Here are the 2015 RANKINGS for the top GSDs competing for the latter half of 2015 (July through December 2015).

Click HERE for the Top Rankings in REGULAR (2015 July - December)

Click HERE for the Top Rankings in PREFERRED (2015 July - December)

Note: See the box to the right to learn how these rankings are calculated.