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1 AKC Online Legislative Center
A new website from the AKC dealing with the most current legislative issues impacting dogs.
2 Busted? What to Do When Animal Control Comes Knocking
Your rights if the Animal Control officer(s) show up at your door.
3 The Dog Man Commeth....
What to do when there comes a time in your life when the presiding officer of Animal Control comes to your home and asks to be admitted. Exercising your 4th amendment rights.
4 The Humane Society of the United States Explained
Understand the seriousness of the Animal Rights movement and how it is adversely affecting all of us. Things you may not know about the HSUS and how they use donations taken in by the public. Direct quotes and statements from leaders of the HSUS. HSUS is a political organization, not an animal shelter.
5 What's in a Name? Dogs or 'Fur Kids'
Does language modify behavior or does behavior modify language? Are laws arising as a result of changes in our language, expressions and words, which have, in turn, altered our attitudes toward animals?
6 SEVEN (7) Things you need to know about the HSUS
7 Things you need to know about HSUS (the Humane Society of the United States) and the first one is that it's not really a Humane Society.