Health & Genetics Topics of Interest
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1 Rabies Vaccination Requirements by State
Check the current requirements (by state) for vaccinating your puppy/dog for rabies.
2 AKC Canine Foundation Webinar on Canine Cancer
Join us in this 30 minute session and learn about canine cancer from a pet cancer specialist including:

* What cancer is
* Why they get it
* How we treat it and what to expect
* What is new and exciting in cancer treatment
3 Quick Reference Guide for GDV (Bloat)
4 Lifesaving Tips for your Dog
First Aid Tips that can buy your dog precious time.
5 Long-term Medical Effects of Spay/Neuter in Dogs
Very precise information and a compilation of the health issues, both pro and con, of spay/neuter in dogs, particularly in young animals.
6 The Canine Genome: Instruction Manual (AKC-CHF)
More than 500 hereditary disorders have been described that affect dogs, necessitating an increased understanding of the canine genome to improve the health of dogs. Now that we have mapped the complete dog genome, genes involved in both disease and desired traits can be identified much more quickly.

This article provides a brief introduction to the canine genome and how scientists use it to study canine hereditary diseases.
7 Hemangiosarcoma
Information on canine hemangiosarcoma from the University of Minnesota veterinary school.
8 Test for Degerative Myelopathy
A DNA test is now available for use by vets, breeders and pet owners through the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals -
9 Genome-wide Association Study for Multiple Diseases of the GSD submitted by Dr. Jean Dodds
This informative study of certain GSD health and genetic issues is also published in the GSD Review.