Lloyd Brackett Award

Persons whose breeding program exhibits a vision of improvement to the breed, tempered with the wisdom to exhibit strict attention to the Standard of the German Shepherd Dog. The Recipient of the Award should be someone whose dogs display a consistency of breed type and have created a line of German Shepherd Dogs easily recognizable within the breed. Click Read More

Selection Guidelines:

  1. Member of the GSDCA for at least 15 years. The 15 years need not be consecutive.
  2. The first German Shepherd Dog litter bred by the Recipient of the Award must have been registered a minimum of 15 years prior to the date the award is presented.
  3. The Recipient must be the breeder, on their property, of at least 15 AKC Champion German Shepherd Dogs.
    • Ten of the 15 Champions must hold at least one of the following titles: Select, ROM, Best or Best Opposite Futurity/Maturity, AOE.

Nominees for this award may be sent to the Awards Committee.

Lloyd Brackett Award Recipients:

2001 Cappy Pottle & Gloria Birch
2002 Barbara Amidon
2003 Joan Ford
2006 Joan Fox ......... Insufficient Qualifiers
2007 Fred Migliore
2008 Ann Schultz
2009 Ken and Delaine Thomson
2010 Jim and Sheree Moses
2011 Frank and Kris Fasano
2012 Frank and Carolyn Martello
2013 Sandy Anderson
2014 Not awarded
2015 Sharon Avery
2016 Not awarded
2017 Iza Kabuska Ackerman