What is the Purpose of the Charitable Trust?

The GSDCA Charitable Trust is a section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Its purpose is to educate breeders, judges, juniors, clubs and the general public. We seek to gather and disseminate up-to-date and relevant information on topics such as health, genetics, legislation etc. and, through education, improve the overall general opinion of and respect for the German Shepherd Dog.

As the GSDCA Charitable Trust was created for benevolent purposes, we intend to host special canine events that would educate the public about the upkeep and care of the German Shepherd Dog as well as raise funds for recognized charities that help our dogs.

We intend to hold educational forums where search and rescue, police, and other charitable organizations will participate in order to encourage the public to contribute to these worthy endeavors. A portion of the net proceeds generated from these events will be donated to charitable organizations involving the German Shepherd Dog. The donations would also benefit medical facilities involved in research. We intend to put on national and international events for these same purposes.

The formation of the German Shepherd Charitable Trust (GSCT) enables us to expand our efforts throughout the United States. We need to be a cohesive group that works toward the betterment of the GSD. We share a common passion and are so fortunate that we can work toward a brighter future for our breed. The GSDACT affords us the opportunity to do exactly that,  (updated 5/11/16)