2016 Sieger Show Schedule (Tentative)

Thursday October 13, 2016

9am to 5pm  -  Protection Work Practice for Dogs entered in the Working Classes
8am to 5pm  -  Vendor set up at the Sieger Show Field
Noon – 6pm  -     Show Check in.  (Either down at the show field or in the Purina Event Center)

Friday October 14, 2016

8:15am  -  Opening Ceremonies
9:15am  -  Show Begins with classes in the following order:
            3-6 Females, then Males
            6-9 Females, then Males
            9-12 Females, then Males
            3-6 Female LSH, then Male LSH
            6-9 Female LSH, then Male LSH
            9-12 Female LSH, then Male LSH
            Untitled Females, then Males
            Untitled Female LSH, then Male LSH
After the Last Class  -  Junior Handler Seminar on the Sieger Show Field  (free to those under 18 yrs of age)

Saturday October 15, 2016

9am  -  Protection work for ALL dogs in the working classes.  Males then Females, Catalog order.
12:30pm  -  Stand for Exam for all Dogs Passing the Protection Work. Male Ring & Female Ring
2:00PM -  Show Continues in the following order:
            12 – 18 Females, then Males
            12 – 18 Female LSH, then Male LSH
            Veteran Females, then Males
            Veteran Female LSH, then Male LSH
            18 – 24 Females, then Males
            18 – 24 Female LSH, then Male LSH

Sunday October 16, 2016

8:30am  -  Progeny Group Line Up
9:00am  -  Progeny Groups
10am   -            Working Female LSH, then Working Male LSH
                 Working Females
                 Junior Handler Class
                          Working Males
                 Kennel Groups
            Awards Ceremony

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