Judge Bios

RichardBrauchJudge Richard Brauch

Address: Siemensstr. 19, 74915 Waibstadt
Phone + Fax: 0049 72 63 / 40 83 44
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Date of Birth: 08.03.1954

Profession: Business Lawyer and Tax Consultant

- Member of the SV since 1966
- Kennel Name „vom Elzmündungsraum“
- Breeding about 120 Litters since 1971  (www.elzmuendungsraum.de)
Highest rated dogs out of the kennel since 2000:

  • Xantia (SG3 2000, VA2 2002)
  • Gigolo (Bronze medal winner and VA Australia)
  •  Ken (Young-dog-Sieger 2004 /V2 2005)
  •  Digger (V23 2007, V11 2008, V8 2009, V4 2010, VA4 Spain, VA1 Swiss Siegerschau 2009)
  •  Daphne (V8 2008)
  •  Gower (VA3 Swiss Siegershow 2012, VA2 Siegerschau United States 2014)
  •  Fax (V38 Siegerschau 2012, VA3+VA6 United States 2013 und 2014)
  • SV-Judge since 1996
  • SV-Breed Surveyer since 2001
  • Judging activities in more than 40 different countries all over the world including Siegershows in: Germany, Argentinia, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Hungaria, Italy, Latvia, Philipines, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, United States, Ukraine


Margit Van Dorssen

My name is Margit van Dorssen and I live in Cologne, Germany. It is an honor for me to judge the GSDCA Sieger Show this year and I would like to express my gratitude to the GSDCA for their kind invitation.

 My kennel name von Arlett was 30 years old in October 2008. My most successful dogs were Ulk von Arlett and Ghandi von Arlett.

My basic philosophy is to try to breed dogs with an excellent conformation that still can be used as working dogs in the true sense of the word. In Germany we call this the Universal Conception, the dog that has an excellent anatomy combined with good working abilities.

In my breeding program I make intensive use of sable dogs. I have found in my experience the sable color improves the pigmentation.

I would like to extend my greetings to all Shepherd dog lovers at this event and I hope that everybody participating in this show will have the expected success.

Additional Information

  • Active as a breeder since 1978
  • Appointed as a SV judge in 1996
  • Körmeister since 2001

Sieger shows judged in France, Peru, Sweden, Austria, Latin America (COAPA), Hungary, Mexico, Cyprus, Taiwan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Indonesia, Belgium, Russia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, United States and Germany.

VA dogs in German Sieger shows: Ulk, Huppy & Ghandi.

Progeny groups: 27 groups with Arlett-fathers in German Sieger Shows (Agent, Joker, Ulk, Flick, Nicco, Huppy, Rickor, Ghandi, Flipp).

Kennel groups:
13 starts, 2 x second places, 3 x third places.
All-sable groups, 1 x second, 1 x third place.