1926 & 1928 German Sieger
Erich v. Glockenbrink
SchH Kkl 1

VA Erich v. Glockenbrink SchH Kkl 1
SZ# 275752
Breeder:  Joh. Adrian Rietberg
Born : March 17th, 1924
1926 & 1928 Sieger

V Dolf v Margarethental SchH III (Erich son)

V Gundo Isentrud SchH III

Flotta Isentrud
VA Erich v. Glockenbrink SchH Kkl 1

Conti v Ischeland

Dolli v Glockenbrink

  Asta v Kattenturm (repeat of Flora von Berkemeyer)

"Erich v Glockenbrink who was also Dutch and Austrian Sieger of that same year, won the German Sieger title in 1928.  He was too short, rather shaper in temperament and disappeared to USA and then to China.  He gave faulty dentition and cryptorchids and was generally a disappointment."

~Author Unknown

"His breeding is most interesting, he has no Klodo or Utz, was 4 - 4 on Alex von Westfalenheim, 4 - 3 on Harras von Lippestrand and 4 - 4 on Bianka von Riedekenburg.

That would give more lines back to Harras and Flora. If we ever think Von Stephanitz wanted to get back to the herding dogs, consider that Erich von Glockenbrink was a grandson of Asta von Kattenturm. Asta was a full sister to Flora von Berkemeyer from a later litter

This Erich was almost forgotten. His influence in American breeding must be considered positive but there is some hint of "Whites" coming through this line. At that time it was not considered a serious problem. Probably it did not deter his use. Still Erich von Glockenbrink did not make the impression on the breed expected. "

Most Important Progeny: