Ch. Garry of Benlore ROM

Ch. Garry of Benlore ROM
Bred by
Owned by Mr. and Mrs. George Bennett
Born June 8th, 1940

Ch. Odin v. Busecker-Schloss PH

Falko of Benlore

Ch. Erna of Benlore
Ch. Garry of Benlore ROM

Eburt of Benlore

Ardis of Mergenhaus

  Quip of Garastanna

"Ch Garry of Benlore was a beautifully balanced dog, so far ahead of his time. Note the natural picture, taken in his own yard. He had exceptional front, strong pasterns and feet, good back and croup and balance."

~ Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History

Garry was 25 inches tall, 31 inches long and weight 95 pounds.

~ Ad in The German Shepherd Dog in Review.


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