Ch. Nordraak of Matterhorn CD ROM

Ch. Nordraak of Matterhorn CD ROM
Owner/Breeders: Helen and Harry Polonitza

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Ch. Nordraak of Matterhorn CD ROM

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"He is not extreme in any one section to create an imbalance of his overall structure. While the perfect dog, with nothing one might like to change, has never been bred, what few shortcomings Nordraak may have are most unimportant. As the proof of the pudding is in the eating thereof, so is his gait the "proof" of his excellent balance. Surpassing in temperament and showmanship, overflowing with a true German Shepherd Dog's love of life, Nordraak is the kind who makes friends for our breed."

~ Lloyd C. Brackett (May 1958 issue of Shepherd Dog Review)


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