Premium Lists & Show/Trial/Temp Test Information

The links below are downloadable PDF versions of Premium Lists and SV Show/Trial Information.  You may download them to your computer or print them on your printer.

(ALL Regional Clubs: Please send your Show Dates, Premium Lists & Information Flyers in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If you need assistance with converting your Premium List to a PDF file please contact us at the same email address.




08/19-20/21 08/04/21

GSDC of Pacific NW(2 days, 4 specialty shows)

Entry Form

08/20-22/21 08/04/21

GSDC of Greater Washington, D.C.(3 Specialty Shows in conjunction w/ 4 All-Breed shows)

08/28-29/21 08/11/21

Great Salt Lake GSDC(3 specialty shows, 4-6 mo Beginner Puppy, and Temperament Test

08/29/21 08/11/21  

GSD Training Club of Chicago, Inc. Obedience Trial

09/04-05/21 08/11/21  

Wolverine GSDC of West Michigan(3 days, 3 specialty shows, & 3 4-6 mo puppy classes

09/10/21 08/25/21  

Rocky Mountain GSDC(2 shows, 1 day)

Entry Form
09/11-12/21 08/25/21  

Santa Maria/San Luis Bay GSDC Obedience & Rally Trials

09/11-12/21 08/29/21  

GSDC of Wisconsin(3 Specialty Shows, 2 Obedience & Rally Trials)

10/02/21 09/15/21

GSDCA Regional Specialty/Northern NJ GSDC(2 shows, same day)

10/03/21 09/15/21

GSDCA Regional Specialty/Delaware Valley GSDC