2021 Approved Futurity Host Clubs

Futurity/Maturity Shows

Region Host Club Show Date Closing Date
NE GSDC of Southern New Hampshire Sun., April 8, 21 Wed., March 31, 21
SE GSDC of North Georgia Sun., April 25, 21 Wed., April 7, 21
MA Northern New Jersey GSDC Sat., May 8, 21 Wed., April 21, 21
SW GSDC of Houston Sun., May 16, 21 Wed., April 28, 21
GL GSDC of Detroit Sun., June 6, 21 Wed., May 19, 21
MW Shoreline GSDC Sun., June 20, 21 Wed., June 2, 21
MP Diablo Valley GSDC Sun., June 27, 21 Wed., June 9, 21
NW GSDC of Greater Eugene Oregon Sun., July 11, 21 Wed., June 23, 21
SP GSDC of San Gabriel Valley Sun., Sep 26, 21 Wed., Sep 8, 21


All shows close at 6:00 PM Pacific on the listed dates.
Premium list and entry info may be found at   German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA) - 2021 Fut. Entry & Premium


Region   Judge
NE 1st choice judge Candee Foss
NE 1st alternate Jeanne Hamilton
NE 2nd alternate Zoa Rockenstein
MA 1st choice judge Joseph Beccia
MA 1st alternate  
MA 2nd alternate Fred Schmidtke
SE 1st choice judge Al Martin
SE 1st alternate Lee Parkhurst
SE 2nd alternate Jeanne Hamilton
GL 1st choice judge Edwina Trocki
GL 1st alternate Barbara Lopez
GL 2nd alternate Linda Ciocci
MW 1st choice judge Charlotte LaRosa
MW 1st alternate Art Sinclair
MW 2nd alternate Pam O'Dell
SW 1st choice judge Steve Bloom
SW 1st alternate Erin Nellis
SW 2nd alternate Ken Cunningham
SP 1st choice judge Clint Heiman
SP 1st alternate Pat Ayers
SP 2nd alternate Gary Szymczak
MP 1st choice judge Lee Parkhurst
MP 1st alternate  
MP 2nd alternate  
NW 1st choice judge Doug Crane
NW 1st alternate judge Christina Halliday
NW 2nd alternate judge Nancy Godek-McDonald