Obedience Victor/Victrix

Annual Achievement Training Award (ATAA)

Performance Award of Merit (PAM)

GSDCA Performance Rankings

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America will be providing Team Rankings for Agility, Obedience, Rally and Herding across every class for each discipline. The information comes from raw data GSDCA purchases from the American Kennel Club of every German Shepherd Dog competing and qualifying in every AKC Trial. This is a huge undertaking and may take some time to become fully implemented but the first rankings are available for Obedience & Rally now (see below)

Agility Ranking will be based on MACH Points earned in each Master Class, as well as a formula combining speed and accuracy for each of the Regular Classes.

Obedience and Rally Rankings are done in a similar way to the Dog of the Year – except each class, from Novice A and B to Utility or Excellent  A and B, is ranked. Points are awarded according to the Score Received by event. One of the significant effects of receiving this information is the recent Review Article about the Perfect 200 Scores, published in the July Review Issue.

We are also working on a course of action for Herding Rankings, which will not penalize those competing in less active Regions so please stay tuned.

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-- Ellen Pfann, Performance Statistics Chair