Guidelines for Clubs Sponsoring a Temperament Test

An Established Evaluator is invited by the Regional Club’s choice (just as you would with any judge)  This evaluator will direct the actual testing as well as coordinate the preliminary planning arrangements with the Chairman appointed by the sponsoring club. The sponsoring club Chairman and the chosen Evaluator will be put in contact with one another by the Parent Club Chairman to perfect the plans for the test.

The  sponsoring club is responsible for compensating the evaluator for expenses only, such expenses to be pre-determined during the preliminary planning phase prior to the actual test.

The Parent Club does not dictate how many dogs can be evaluated per hour, this will be determined by the Evaluator and the Regional Club. In planning the time schedule for the testing an additional one hour must be provided for set-up and instruction time for the test personnel and participants.

Other breeds may participate but will not be evaluated until all the German Shepherd dogs have finished the test. The handlers of these other breeds will receive a copy of their score sheet and the GSDCA Temperament Certificate.  Bitches in season must go last regardless of the breed.

The fees for the test are to be determined by the Regional Club, we do suggest that a small break is given for dogs that are pre-entered.  Dogs may register on the same day as the test. Sponsoring clubs may add any additional expenses incurred, i.e. a per dog fee imposed by the park being used.  Additionally, sponsoring clubs may charge less if the club thinks  this will increase their entry.  As in the past, $5 of each entry  of dogs evaluated is paid to the GSDCA.

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If your Regional Club is planning on holding a Temperament Test, please contact the Temperament Committee Chair:

Laura Gilbert, Chair
557 Dunning Lane
Chesapeake VA 23322

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guidelines to becoming a Temperament Evaluator for the GSDCA

New candidates must submit a K-9 Resume to the Temperament Committee, telling the committee of their history in German Shepherds and activities performed with dogs.
New approved candidates will be referred to as "Shadows" as they will be shadowing established Temperament Evaluators.
Shadows will be expected to work 4 out of 6 Nationals and will work from set up to post test meeting.
Shadows will sponsor with their home club a minimum of two (2) Temperament Tests with a different established evaluator at each test.
At a third home test or their fourth National test, they will be put on the field to test with a established evaluator as their shadow before being released to do evaluations on their own.
Effective starting in January 2015, established Temperament Evaluators will be excused with three (3) missed Nationals, excused or unexcused absences and will revert to Shadows.  (this will not be retro active).
The Temperament Committee Chair will maintain an attendance record of Shadows and Established Evaluators.