Guidelines to becoming a Temperament Evaluator for the GSDCA

New candidates must submit a K-9 Resume to the Temperament Committee, telling the committee of their history in German Shepherds and activities performed with dogs.
New approved candidates will be referred to as "Shadows" as they will be shadowing established Temperament Evaluators.
Shadows will be expected to work 4 out of 6 Nationals and will work from set up to post test meeting.
Shadows will sponsor with their home club a minimum of two (2) Temperament Tests with a different established evaluator at each test.
At a third home test or their fourth National test, they will be put on the field to test with a established evaluator as their shadow before being released to do evaluations on their own.
Effective starting in January 2015, established Temperament Evaluators will be excused with three (3) missed Nationals, excused or unexcused absences and will revert to Shadows.  (this will not be retro active).
The Temperament Committee Chair will maintain an attendance record of Shadows and Established Evaluators.