Two major prizes for dogs entered in the Futurities (in addition to plaques and ribbons, of course) are the coveted Ticket To the National Finals, and the possibility of the dog’s sire and dam getting Featured in the Red Book!  But how does that work, exactly?  How are the points earned?

Red Book tabulations are based on the number of dogs competing.  So, the bigger the Futurity/Maturity, the more points will be earned.  We start with the number of dogs defeated, by class.  A dog that goes first in a class of two gets 1 point – one dog was defeated.  A dog in a class of 12 that goes 4th will earn 8 points.  The dog that wins that class gets 11 points.  Pretty simple!  But then the dogs that earn Best or Best Opposite or Reserve may earn more points if they defeat a dog with a higher point total, just like in AKC shows for Best of Winners.  In the example above, if the dog first in a class of 2 goes Best/BestOp/Reserve over the dog that earned the 11 points, the Best/BestOp/Reserve also gets 11 points (replacing its original points earned, not adding to them).  Best Op and Reserves only get extra points based on the classes in their sex.  Best gets extra points based on all classes (Futurities are tabulated separately from Maturities).

Finally the big winners get Bonus Points:  Three for Reserve, Four for Best Opposite and Five for Best.  So after the all Futurities are completed, the points are summed for all the sires and dams.  Progeny shown more than once will only contribute once, their highest single total.  Top 10 Sires and Dams get a two-page Red Book spread, and those ranking 11-20 get one page.

Kim McNamara
Redbook Committee Chairman







Wolf Creek Levi 137 1
Krystal's Asher V Cherpa 40 2
Gem-N-I River of URloved 35 3
Jimeni's Gunpowder Falls of Clayfield-Malibar 30 4
Marquis' Hermes v Kenlyn 26 5
DuChien's American Rifleman Forever 21 6
Lacomtesse Lucifer Morningstar 20 7
Kaleef's Mayhem 17 8
Covy-Tucker Hill's Compass-PP 16 9a
Kis Malchik Van Contra Haus 16 9b
Kubistraums Free For All 16 9c
Hylock's American Pharoah of Merivern 14 12
Timberline's Dust Bowl Dance 13 13a
Windfall-Cherpa's Illuminator Of Hickoryhill 13 13b
Class Act's Shot Through The Heart Windfall-Hillside 12 15a
Karizma's Montego Bay Von Loar 12 15b
Norberge's Point Of View Of Clayfield 12 15c
TRJ's Johnny Walker Red v Luzak 12 15d
Rosewood's Galileo HT CGC 11 19
Cherpa's High Dollar Client 10 20a
Krystal's Anton V Cherpa 10 20b
Millertime's American Gray Ghost Of Falkrigia 10 20c
Trattino's Get your Shine on V Signature 10 20d
Dam Pts Rank
Signature's Silk 30 1a
Tara's Undeniable v Franken 30 1b
Norberge's Razzle Rosarita of Clayfield 29 3
Kenlyn's Ruby Ridge v Reata 26 4
Winrock For Your Eyes Only of Taize 21 5
Sundance's Little Bo Peep of Edan 20 6
AlmarWinsome Lauren Camareigh 16 7a
Kubistruams Tahoe ll 16 7b
Clayfield The First Noel of Norberge 14 9a
Liars Liars Pants on Fire of Edan 14 9b
Hylock's Sho-Hanna 13 11a
Kysarah's Sholan Wild Side 13 11b
Tokaye Elite Design Aura Dershimer Bleibtreu 13 11c
Inquest Cabaret Of She- Rock's Carlisle 12 14a
Krystal's Layla 12 14b
Lacomtesse Kate Fuller 12 14c
Signature's Calypso 12 14d
Windfall's Mrs Peacock V Foxpond 12 14e
Hickoryhill's Leda of Laslar Windfall 11 19a
Wolf Creek Elsa Joelle 11 19b