Will a Breeder Ask Me Questions?

Conscientious breeders want the best available home for their puppies. Expect them to ask you questions about fenced yards, and the type of work that you and/or your spouse do for a living. This determines the amount of time you will have available for your new addition. There are very important items that should be supplied by the breeder.

Breeders will typically give you the following items:

  1. A signed pedigree

  2. A current Health Record; including de-wormings and vaccinations.

  3. American Kennel Club registration papers or application

  4. Sales contract. The type of contract varies and must be mutually agreeable to the breeder and buyer. Much depends on what you expect from the puppy (show, pet, or performance).

  5. Feeding schedule including the type and amount of food.

  6. Copy of OFA certification of sire and dam, if available.