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What's the Truth About PUPS?


  • PUPS would create a new category of breeder, "High Volume Retail Breeder." High Volume Retail Breeders would be required to be licensed by USDA under the Animal Welfare Act/AWA.  They would be defined based on their ownership of or of having of ownership interests in one or more “breeding female dogs,” and sales, or offer to sell, by any means, of more than 50 of the offspring of those “breeding female dogs” in any 1-year period.

  • In the past, legislation has excluded home/hobby breeders since they are exempt under the AWA from federal licensing. However, in this bill, home/hobby breeders would be required to follow USDA rules and regulations, should they meet the High Volume Retail Breeder definition.  This bill would, for the first time, require home/hobby breeders to follow the strict USDA requirements, such as engineering standards designed for large commercial kennels and not homes.  Such regulations would exceedingly difficult to meet in a home/residential breeding environment.

  • This bill would affect all breeders who sell directly to the public, including show/hobby/working dog breeders.

  • If passed, PUPS would disastrously reduce purposely-bred pups for the public.

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