Educational Videos

These educational Videos are brought to you by the GSDCA Education Committee.  We hope you find these useful to provide more information about the German Shepherd Dog.

NOTE:  The video of the Breed Standard is best viewed on a high-speed Internet connection.

NOTE:  Both videos require your computer to have Flash 8 or higher installed.  If you do not have the Flash player installed, please download it from here by clicking on the "Get Adobe Flash" button and following the instructions.

Temperament Evaluation

This is a summarized version of the procedure used by judges at the GSDCA National Specialty Show and the GSDCA Regional Futurities and Maturities.  Judges are encouraged to use this procedure at other GSD specialty shows and all-breed shows.

Click here for a written summary of the GSD Judges Temperament Test procedure than you can download and/or print.

Click HERE for the video.

The Breed Standard

This is a copy of a video presentation explaining the GSD Breed Standard as written by the GSDCA and approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC).  A copy of the written standard can be found here.

German Shepherd Gait

Beautiful, suspended motion.

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