Award of Excellence (AOE) Recipients

This title is the most prestigious “conformation” award given by the GSDCA in recognition of the quintessential German Shepherds. They excel in conformation, are sound in body, have keen minds which make them capable of and suitable for the many different “jobs” in which society has placed them…i.e…THE TOTAL DOG.

see requirements


Helen Franklin, Award of Excellence Founder & Laura Gilbert, Chair


AOE Sel Am/Can Ch Caralon's Thistle CD TC OFA
Owners: Pat Parsons, Helen Sherlock
Breeders: Helen Sherlock, Pat Parson, Leila Berrien

AOE Am/Can Sel Ch Jogra's Shaika CD TC OFA
Owners: Bobbi & Jim Cusick, Linda Hower
Breeders: Jose & G Perez-Gurri


AOE Sel Ch Covy-Tucker Hill's Jordache HT TC OFA
Owners: Gloria Birch, Cappy Pottle
Breeders: Gloria Birch, Cappy Pottle

AOE  Sel Ch Covy-Tucker Hill's Romantico HT TC  OFA ROM
Owners: Gloria Birch, Cappy Pottle
Breeders: Gloria Birch, Cappy Pottle

AOE GV Ch Dawnhill's Carli CD TC OFA
Owners: Dawn Van Dyken, Ann Schultz
Breeders: Cara Fisher

AOE Sel Ch Lothario of Heinerburg CD TC OFA ROM
Owners: Nancy & Richard Harper
Breeders: Nancy Harper

AOE Sel Am/Can Ch Mirheim's Mystique CD TC OFA ROM
Owners: Colin & Angela Howells
Breeders: Mary Vurma

AOE GV Am/Can Ch Rio Valle's Nestle's Crunch CD TC OFA ROM/C
Owners: Frances & Hugh Williamson
Breeders: Frances & Hugh Williamson

AOE Sel Ch Sharlen's Sparkle Plenty CD TC OFA
Owners: Sharon Allbright
Breeders: Sharon Allbright

AOE GV Am/Can Sel Ch Woodside Nestlequik Merwestyn  HT TC OFA ROM/C
Owners: Gloria Birch, Cappy Pottle
Breeders: Sandy Anderson, Inga Newbury


AOE Sel Ch Waltraut's That's Black Jack CD TC                                     Elsie Degrandi, Sue Cogliandro               Sue Cogliandro, Estate of J Cogliandro

                                                      OFA ROM/C

AOE Sel Ch Woodacre's Honeysuckle Rose CD TC OFA    John & Joyce Eberts                                   Sandra Whitaker


1993 (Elbow certification added to requirements)


AOE Sel Am/Can Ch Hiddenacres Kologne Von Saar         Susan Godek & Dick                                   Helen Franklin & Richard, Judy Snaith & Les

CD TC OFA H/E ROM                                                                                                                      

AOE Am/Can Sel Ch Saterhaus McKinley CD TC                 Donna Sater                                                  Donna Sater

                                                OFA H/E ROM



AOE Sel Ch Schneiderhof's Urban Cowboy CD TC               Don Smith                                                     Nancy & Tom Schneider

                                                      OFA H/E ROM

AOE Sel Ch Surigo's Reaction v Nightwind CD TC               Dick & Sue Godek                                      Dick & Sue Godek, Judy Olm

                                                      OFA H/E ROM



AOE Sel Am/Can/Mex/Ch Kaimacha Jamaica v McCoy      Mary & Andy Decker                                Iris Grimes, Laurie Greer-Reed

                                                   CD HT TC OFA H/E            Laurie Greer-Reed



AOE Sel Ch Schwarz Der Wald's Ltd Edition                          Dan & Karen Black, Jose Mier                Dan &Karen Black

                                                      TC CD OFA H/E

AOE 2xGV Ch Campaigner's Gatewood Uzi CD HT             Joan & Murray Fox                                     Joan & Murray Fox, Anthony La Porta Jr

                                                   CGC TDI TC OFA H/E ROM



AOE Sel Ch Nike Clayfield Lady Love CD TC OFA H/E    Angela Stegner, Sharlonna McGaha       Angela Stegner, Sharon Earl

AOE Sel Ch Omega's American Express PT TC                     Joseph & Clary Douwes                            Frank Douwes

OFA H/E ROM       Frank & Bambi Douwes

AOE GV Ch Bethesda's Tacoma of Si-Don CD TC                Sidney Shelton, Betty Radzevich             Denise Collins, Sidney Gilpin Shelton

OFA H/E                                     Marietta Lombardo

AOE Sel Ch Bredwel Jakester of Joelle CD TC OFA H/E    Joann Corbin, Tiffany Bartley                  Joann Corbin, Margaret DeVetten

Dalene McIntire, Lori Bellah

AOE Sel Ch Topflight's Laredo v Freeling CD TC                 Mike Levin & Deborah Levin                                    Wayne Freehling & Candy Freehling

                                                      OFA H/E ROM

AOE Sel Ch Skylark's Lady Jane HT TC OFA H/E                Deslye M Treglown                                    Deslye Treglown & John Treglown

AOE Sel Ch Bertalan's Miss Sassafras CD TC OFA               James Mezey                                                James Mezey & Gaile McLaughlin




1998                                                                                                   OWNERS                                                    BREEDER

AOE Sel Ch Jagan's Belle Starr PT TC  OFA H/E                   Anne H Thompson                                      Jerome T Amerman




AOE Sel Ch Ken-Delaine's Carousel PT TC OFA H/E          Lew & Nicky Bunch                                   Ken & Delaine Thomson


AOE Sel Ch Landaleigh's Quedo Vuelo CD TC                      Gail & Hank Cobleigh                               Anna & Glen Walker, Gail & Hank Cobleigh

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE GV Ch Mar Haven's Color Guard PT TC OFA H/E     Frank & Carolyn Martello,                        Frank & Carolyn Martello, Doris Estabrook



AOE GV Ch Caraland's Unlimited CD TC OFA H/E             Jack Newton & Mary Lou Middleton     Jack Newton & Lynn Baum

AOE GV Inflight's Heaven Only Knows PT TC                      Kathaleen Strong                                         Peggy, Kathaleen & Patricia Strong

                                                   OFA H/E

AOE 2x Sel Ch Castlehill's Cuz I Want To PT TC                  Gail Hardcastle, Mary Stoll                    Gail Hardcastle, Karen Taylor

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE Sel Ch Phil-Car's Juliet CD TC OFA H/E                       Carol & Philip Riegert                               Carol & Philip Riegert



AOE Sel Am/Can Ch Cathlin Dante PT TC OFA H/E           William & Geraldine Pfeiffer,                  Judith Hale,Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri

AOE  Sel Am/Can Ch Nu Eratragicallyhip Braveheart          Ronald Jene & Isabelle Dupzyk               Derek Comeau & Donna L. Conod-Varro

HT TC OFA H/E                                         Derek Comeau, Leo Bellino

AOE Sel Ch Carousel Farms Samantha PT TC OFA H/E      Nicky Bunch & Chris Jolley                     Lew & Nicky Bunch

AOE Sel Ch Weicho's Flash Dance CD TC OFA H/E            Earnest & Dorothy Weight                        Barbara, Earnest & Dorothy Weight



US/Can GV Ch Survival's Tuff Decision HT                        AOE Sel Am/Can GV CH Survival’s Tuff Decision               Andrew Tesiorowski                                  Gail Hardcastle, Mary Stoll, A Teisorowski               

                                                      HT TC OFA H/E

AOE Sel Ch Joelle's Alvin v Norberge CD TC                        Tiffany Bartley & Joanne Corbin            Carol Michael, Tiffany Bartley & Joanne Corbin

OFA H/E                                     Tammy Knight, Pam O'Dell

AOE Sel Ch Survival's Kool Running  HT TC                         Andrew Tesiorowski                                  Gail Hardcastle, Jene & Isabelle Dupzyk

OFA H/E                                                                                                             & Andrew Tesiorowski


AOE Sel Ch Utopia's Meet Joe Black HT TC OFA H/E      Dr. Yolanda Briscoe                                    Kathy Aubrey, Gloria Birch & Cappy Pottle

AOE Sel Ch Windwalker's Leroy Brown HT TC                     Jamie Walker, Frank & Linda Disanto   Jamie Walker

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE Sel Ch Winsome's Woody Bearelson PT TC                  Frank & Kristine Fasano                            Frank & Kristine Fasano

                                                      OFA H/E



AOE Sel & Can GV Ch Alfaro Cupid of Stormfield PT TC Alan Milhousen                                           Colin Howells & Alan Milhousen

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE Sel Ch Kismet's Sight for Sore Eyes ROM PT TC        Robert & Maryellen Kish                          Angela D. Howells & Maryellen Kish

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE Sel Am/Can Ch Elvaston's Southern Byrne PT TC       Audrey Marsh                                              Frank & Carolyn Martello & Doris Estabrook

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE Sel Ch Cathlin's Tobruk PT TC OFA H/E                       Patty Korsch                                                 Judith Hale               



AOE Sel Ch Sirius Park’s Worth The Trip  PT, TC                Edward & Leoda Parkurst, Joe Bihari    Edward & Leoda Parkhurst

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE Sel Ch Welove Du Chien’s Patriot,  HT, TC                  Jane Kerner, Jeffrey Moebius,                  Jane Kerner, Jeffrey Moebius, Tedi Ginsburg

                                                      OFA H/E                                 Tedi Ginsburg

AOE Sel Ch Utopia’s Cliché, RN,TC OFA H/E                      Gary & Patty Szymczak                             Kathy Aubrey & Marie Chavez

AOE Sel Ch Shelby’s Chimes of Asgard  HT, TC                   Evan & Tedi Ginsburg                               S.M. & Marlene Burnthon

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE Sel Ch Rivendell’s Magnolia, HT, PT, TC OFA           Paul & Jennifer Root & Ben Bigornia    Paul & Jennifer Root



AOE GVX Ch Castlehill’s Tuff Cookie, HT, PT, TC             Patty Korsch                                                 Gail Hardcastle, Mary Stoll, Karen

                                                      OFA H/E                                                                                                                               Taylor, Jerry Guzman

AOE 2x US/Can GV Ch Marquin’s Xtra  Xtra       ,                 Barbara Hefner, Kevin Reynolds             Barbara & Mark Hefner, Kevin Reynolds

                                                 HT RA TC ROM  OFA H/E                                                                                              & Mark Hefner

AOE Sel Ch Debonair’s Surprize Package  RN, TC,              Ann E. Solt                                                   Rose H. Quigley

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE Sel Ch Lenlor’s Maximus TC, CD, OFA H/E                Lorry & Lenny Bellah                                Lorry Bellah & Joanne Hess

AOE Sel Ch Marquis’ Here I Am Surigo TC, RN,                  Susan Godek & Nancy K Godek             Paul R. Johnson & Doug Oster               

                                               OFA H/E



2007                                                                                                   OWNER                                                       BREEDER

AOE Sel.Ch. Breal’s Easy Does It RN TC OFA H/E              Manuel Campo, Barbara Hefner              Manuel Campo & Kiram Isalgue, Jr. 

                                                                                                            & Kevin Reynolds

AOE GV Ch. Wayside’s Honky Tonk Man PT TC                 Laura Mulligan & Dr. Robert Kish         Laura Mulligan & Eugene Warrick

                                                 OFA H/E

AOE Ch. Kaleef’s Silver Charm of Tabu HT TC OFA H/E  Norman & Carolyn Herbel and Max      James & Sheree Moses and Joseph

                                                                                                           & Carmen Spears                                        & Joanne Olivier

AOE Sel Ch. Kagen’s Two To Tango RN TC OFA H/E        Gene & Kaye Valentine                             Gene & Kaye Valentine

AOE GV Ch. Mar Haven’s And The Beat Goes On              Robert & Edie Trocki & Joe Bihari        Carolyn Martello

                 TC RN OFA H/E ROM

AOE Sel Ch. Rivendell’s Start The Commotion HT TC        Dave & Jan Coleman and                          Paul & Jennifer Root

                  OFA H/E                                                                         Paul & Jennifer Root

AOE Sel Ch. Utopia’s Let Freedom Ring RN TC                   Gerald & Patty Szymczak                         Kathy Aubrey

                                                      OFA H/E



AOE Sel. Ch Marquis’ All About Me,   ROM                          Kelly, Roger  & Linda Salava                  Doug Oster & Paul Johnson

                                      RN, TC, OFA H/E

AOE Sel Ch. Joelle’s Diamond Da Vinci, RN, TC,                 Tiffany Bartley, Joann Corbin,                 Tiffany Bartley, Joann Corbin,

                                                      OFA H/E                                     Kaye Brooks, Carole Michael                  Ricarda Bartley, Albert Detmer

AOE 3 x  Sel. Ch. Kaleef’s Joshua V Kenlyn, HT, TC,          Frank & Kris Fasano & Sheree Moses   Kent Boyles, James Moses & Sheree Moses

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE Sel Ch. Rosewood’s Maestro, RN, TC, OFA H/E         Bo Vujovich                                                 Bo Vujovich

AOE Sel Ch. Keylis Purple Rain, PT, TC, OFA H/E              Barbara Duncan, Haines Clausen            Barbara Duncan & Haines Clausen

                                                                                                            & Edward Farrell

AOE Sel Am Ch Sel Can Ch Woodside’s The Real Deal       Sandy Anderson & Linda Wheeler        Sandy Anderson

                                                      PT, TC, OVC H/E                    



AOE GV Ch. Falcon’s WeLove Liberty RN, TC, OFA H/E Pamela K. Stoesser, Jane Kerner            Pamela Stoesser, Jane Kerner, Jeffrey Moebius

AOE Sel Ch. Mechanical Bull Of Edan RN, TC, OFA H/E  Ann Schultz                                                 Ann Schultz, Christina Szparaga




AOE Sel Ch. Tindrock’s Fire Storm at Nimh, RN, HIT,        Cheryl Olson, Keith Hitt                            Cheryl Olson & Keith Hitt

                                                      TC OFA H/E                                                                                               

AOE GVX Ch. Mar Haven’s Black Orchid, HT, TC,             Frank & Carolyn Martello,                       Frank & Carolyn Martello, Bob Grady

                                                     OFA H/E                               Doris Estabrook



AOE 2xSel. (Int) Ch Cross Timbers Cargogh Clihu                Mary Tripp, Nancy Nellis                         Clifford Hughes

                                                      RN HT TC OFA H/E               Erin Nellis

AOE Sel Ch Jagan-Karagin-Miterhaun Ticklme-Elmo           Terrie Miles Green, Jesse W Green         Anne Thompson, Karen Taylor,

                                                      RN TC OFA H/E                                                                                               Jerry Guzman

AOE Sel Am GCh Sel Can Ch Trafalgar’s Feature Presentation     Michael-Robert Cheeks                 Michael-Robert Cheeks

                                                      RN TC OVC H/E                                 Lauren Gerloff                                 Susan Cheeks

AOE Sel Ch Jagan’s Happyanunoit, HT, TC OFA H/E             Anne Thompson                                       Anne Thompson

AOE Sel Am/Sel Can Ch Clayfield Zahara v Castlehill

                                                      CD, HT, TC, CGC, OFA/OVC      Richard & Susan Koch                   Alice Likens, Mary Stoll, Gail Hardcastle



AOE PAM 2 x Sel GCh Anne-Isle’s Promise Keeper,               Curt & Kristan Laczniak,                      Martha Simonett     


AOE Sel Ch Winsome’s Desbearado, PT, HT, TC,                    Frank & Kris Fasano                               Frank & Kris Fasano

                                                      OFA H/E

AOE 3 x Sel Ch Bill-Mar’s Here Comes Trouble, ROM,      Mary-Ellen Loizides,                                  Mary-Ellen Loizides, Stephen Roda

                                                      RN, TC, OFA H/E                    Stephen Roda

AOE Sel Ch & Can GVX Ch Jantar’s China Lake V Witmer   Donna Calabrese, Elizabeth                                   Jan & Terry Crawford                 

                                                      HT, TC, OFA/OVC H/E         Ashdown, Susan Witmer



AOE US GV & Can GV GCh Tazzman’s Aregon, ROM      Sheree Moses, Jim Moses                         Kerry Sachau

                                                      HT, TC, OFA H/E                     Kerry Sachau Prevett


AOE  Sel GCh Karizma’s Cacique Of Inquest  HT, TC         Pablo & Ileana Nogueras                           Iza Kabuska

                                                      OFA/OVC H/E


AOE US GV, 3 X Sel, Can GV, ROM                                       Ann Schultz, Kathy Potter                     Ann Schultz

          I’m All That Matters of Edan,  CD, RN, BN, TDI, CGC, TC, OFA H/E


                                                                                                            OWNER                                                       BREEDER


 AOE Sel Ch Good To The Last Drop Of Edan                        Ann Schultz                                                  Ann Schultz

                       RN, TDI, CGC, TC, OFA H/E


AOE Sel GCh Lakota’s Hitman of Cantar                                 Edward Brehony, Suzanne Brehony       Victoria Cayer, Robert Alcantara Jr.,

                        HT, TC, OFA H/E                                                  Robert Alcantara Jr, Victoria Cayer        Sheree Moses


AOE Sel GCh & Can Sel Ch Karizma’s Cyucas V Kaleef    Sharon Buckley, Jean Lallensack            Iza Kabuska, Carlos Arguimbau,

                                    HT, TC, OFA H/E                                                                                                               James Moses, Sheree Moses


AOE Sel Ch Knaufhills Thriller V Kenlyn                                Ann E Solt                                                    Kent Boyles, Paula Cianciola

                                    RN, HT, TC, OFA H/E


AOE Sel GCh Hadori’s Secret Agent 007 V Forest Knoll    Gary & Patty Szymczak,                            Gail, Herman & Elizabeth Stiefferman

                                  RN, TC, CGC, OFA OVC H/E                Greg Harrison                                              Greg Harrison


AOE Sel Ch Heinerburg’s Gone with the Wind DePahl         Nancy B Harper-Mulvaney &                  Nancy B Harper-Mulvaney &

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E                                      Ronald Mulvaney                                        Denise Black Hollister


AOE Sel GCh Charbo’s Key Largogh v Marjo                        Mary Ward, Mary Tripp,                           Roberta Schiffelbein

                                    RN, TC, OFA OVC H/E                            Trevor Golden


AOE Sel GCh Von Zecher’s Broken Arrow                             Mike  & Jan Cressman                               Mike & Jan Cressman

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E



AOE Sel GCH Clayfield Bon Jovi                                              Michael Avery, Sharon Avery,                 Michael Avery, Sharon Avery,

                                    HT, TC, OFA H/E                                       Alice Likens                                                 Nancy Wallace, Alice Likens


AOE 2 X Sel GCH, Can Sel Ch Lorien’s Patron  ROM         Twyla Ann Miner                                        Twyla Miner, Georgette Lilley

                                    HT, TC, OFA H/E                                                                                                               Agnes Fuchs


AOE  2 x Sel GCH, Can 2 X Sel Ch Stonewall’s                       Madeline Llewellyn                                  Lori Hathaway, Abby Hathaway

Maja’s Black Diamond                                                  Jeanne Hamilton

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E


AOE Sel Ch Tebe Nobe Ca-She Katharine Hepburn               Kathy Estrada, Isabelle Dupzyk,              Kathy Estrada, Isabelle Dupzyk

                                    HT, TC, OFA H/E                                       Channing Sheets, Ellen Borders               Channing Sheets, Ellen Borders


AOE 2 X Sel BrGCH, Can GVX Ch Windfall’s                      Tiffany Bartley, Jeff Pyle,                         Jeff Pyle, Bart Bartley, Cindy Bartley,

                              Who Says V Chablis                                     Tina Bogdanich, Gary Szymczak,           Tina Bogdanich

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E                                      Patty Szymczak


AOE Sel GCH Windfall’s Year of the Gentleman                   Jeff Pyle, Lena Bogdanich,                       Jeff Pyle, Lena Bogdanich,

                                    HT, TC, OFA H/E                                       Channing Sheets, Tracy Radigan             Beverly Pyle-Scofield, Sean Bragg



AOE Sel Am Ch & Can Ch Winsome’s Sawyer Bearown     Tamre Worrel, Kristine Fasano,               Frank Fasano, Kristine Fasano

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E                                      Frank Fasano           


AOE Sel  GCHB Asgard’s Kierkegaard                   Cappy Pottle, Gloria Birch,                       Evan Ginsburg, Tedi Ginsburg

                                    HT, TC, OFA H/E                                       Tedi Ginsburg, Evan Ginsburg


AOE Sel GCH Laslar’s-Candia’s Black Bart                            Candice Zumwalt, Dave Lasater,             Evan Ginsburg, Tedi Ginsburg,

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E                                      Char Wilson                                                 Dave Lasater


AOE Sel GCH Candia’s Yada Yada Yada                                Candice Zumwalt,                                       Candice Zumwalt

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E                                      Nancy Godek-Mc Donald


AOE Sel Ch Riverrock’s Starlett O’Hara                                   Dr. Zoa Rockenstein,                                  Dr. Zoa Rockenstein

                                    PT, TC, OFA H/E                                       Yanthe Clement




2016 next page….





2016                                                                                                   OWNER                                                       BREEDER

AOE Sel Am Ch, Can Ch Millertime’s American Celebrity  Craig & Cynthia Miller                             Craig & Cynthia Miller

                                    PT, TC, OHA H/E


AOE Sel GCH & Can Sel Ch Karizma’s Malawi                    Margaret Kurz & Jennifer Root               Iza Kabuska, Carlos Arguimbau,

                                    Kaleef Von Loar                                                                                                                  James Moses, Sheree Moses

                               RN, HT,TC, CGC, OFA H/E


AOE Sel GCH & Can Sel Ch Karizma’s Morocco                  Sheree Moses & James Moses                 Iza Kabuska, Carlos Arguimba,

                                    Kaleef Von Loar                                                                                                                  James Moses, Sheree Moses

                                    HT, TC, OFA H/E


AOE Sel GCH Windfall’s Sexy Chick V Winstrom                Jeff Pyle, Michael Little                            Jeff Pyle, Tina Bogdanich, Nick Fedorow Jr.

                                    CD, RN, TC, OFA H/E                              Steve & Christine Grainger                       Beverly Pyle-Scofield


AOE Sel GCHB & 2 X Can Sel Ch Suboja’s &                       Susan Sisemore, Debra Hopkins              Debra Hopkins, Susan Sisemore

                                    Top Hat’s Gentleman’s Quarterly

                                    HT, TC, OFA H/E


AOE Sel GCH Campaigner’s Lindel Time Traveler               Linda Bankhead, Mathew McMillan,     Linda Delarso, Melissa White, Joan Fox

                                    RN, HI, CGC, TC, OFA H/E                    Joan Fox





AOE Sel Exc. GCH Sunrize Black Magic Woman                  Dawn Sedorus                                              Dawn Sedorus

                                    NAP, CGC, TKN, TC, OFA H/E


AOE GVX CH Wolf Creek Aquilla of Merivern                     Mike Sherman, Kathy Potter,                                     Pat Walker, Mary Ann Imhoff

                                    ROM, TN, TC, OFA H/E                          Sam Colvin, Deb Atkinson







AOE Sel Ex CH DePahl’s I’m Too Sexy,                                  Zoriana Peters                                              Denise & Paul Hollister

                                    BN, RN, TC, OFA H/E


AOE Sel GCH  JDM;s Lone Survivor of GNB                        Dottie Bowman, Blake Williams             Crystal & Nikki Branham

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E


AOE Sel Ex CH Winsome’s Crimson Hot Embear                 Frank & Kris Fasano                                  Frank and Kris Fasano



AOE Sel GCHB Winsome’s Love Me Tendbear                     Frank & Kris Fasano                                  Frank & Kris Fasano

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E




AOE US MVX Sel Exc CH, Can Sel CH Beauchien’s           Linda Bankhead, Darch & Diane             Darcy & Diane Rombough

Traveling Gal, RN, CA, CGC, TC, OFA H/E         Rombough


AOE Sel GCH Karizma’s Raven of Riverrock,                        Zoa Rockenstein                                          Iza Kabuska & Carlos Arguimbau

                                    ROM, RN, CGC, TC, OFA H/E


AOE Sel Exc GCHB Long’s Peak Golden Boy,                      Patty Korsch                                                 Patty Korsch                              

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E                                                                                                             


AOE Sel Exc GCH Windfall’s Let Me Be Your Star              Jeff Pyle & Michael Little                         Jeff Pyle, Michael Little, Steve &

                  Hickoryhill, CD, RN, TC, OFA H/E                                                                                                 Christine Grainger


AOE SEL Exc GCH Winsome’s Bearilliant Bella                   Frank J & Kristine M Fasano                    Frank J & Kristine M Fasano

                  Stella, PT, TC, SV H/E                                                Nick Hodge                                                  Nick Hodge


AOE MBIS US GV 2X US Sel, Can GV, Can Sel                  Jody Duin & Sandy Anderson                  Sandy Anderson

                  Woodside’s Megabucks, ROM, RN, TC,

                  OFA H/E




2020                                                                                                                     OWNER                                                        BREEDER



AOE GCHB Millertime’s American Gray Ghost of Falkrigia,               Gene Workman, Lynda                              Cynthia & Craig Miller

RN, TC, OFA H/E                                                        Bragg-Workman, Cynthia &

                                                                                          Craig Miller


AOE SEL EX, GCH She-Rock’s Girl on Fire Vonhornberger,               Pablo & Ileana Nogueras                           Stephanie Schrock, G Hornberger, F

                                    RN, FDC, HI, TC, OFA H/E                                                                                                              Massey


AOE GCHP MBIS, MBISS, CAN CH CFV Stuttgart’s Now                 Susan Condreras, Stephanie Schrock,     Leslie Dancosse & Irene Hause

                                    Don’t Refuse Me of Masrock, CGC, RN,                Autumn Dugan, & Leslie Dancosse

                                    TKN, TC, OFA H/E


AOE BOF, BOM, SEL EX CH Tindrock Gem-N-I Reagan,                   Cheryl Olson                                                Cheryl Olson, Kim McNamara &

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E                                                                                                                                Mary Lee Jewell




2021                                                                                                                     OWNER                                                        BREEDER


AOE SEL EX GCH CH Caretti’s Disorderly Conduct,                            Cyndi & Jim Flautt                                     Cyndi & Jim Flautt

                                    RI, PT, ROM, TC, OFA H/E


AOE SEL EX GCH CH Caretti’s Made to Order,                                     Cyndi & Jim Flautt                                     Cyndi & Jim Flautt

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E


AOE SEL EX DAE CH Dawnhill’s Cedar Springs,                                  Dawn Van Dyken                                        Dawn Van Dyken



AOE SEL CH Kubistraums Bear Went Over the Mountain,                   Mary Feil & Verna Kubik                         Verna M Kubik & Virginia Bailey

                                    RI, CGC, TC, OFA H/E


AOE SEL EX GCH CH Kubistraums Rough Rider of Rushmore,         Verna Kubik & Virginia Bailey               Verna Kubik & Virginia Bailey

                                    RN, TC, OFA H/E


AOE DAE SEL EX FV GCH CH Lindenhill’s Cold Pac v Gracelyne, Amber Eisfeld & Sheila Metz                  Michael & Sheila Metz & Rick Seki



AOE SEL EX GCHP CH Rosewood’s Galileo                                          David Blackien & William Petterson      Bo Vujovich & Michael Bristow

                  ROM, HT, CGC, TC, OFA H/E


AOE BISS BIS 2X SEL EX GCHG Stuttgart’s Single Action Army v Hammersmith, ROM, RN, TC, OFA H/E (Posthumous)                Owners: Anya Dobratz
Breeders: Irene Hause & Leslie Dancosse

AOE SEL GCH CH Winsome’s Bonnie Parkbear, RN, TC, OFA H/E
Owners: Frank & Kris Fasano
Breeders: Frank & Kris Fasano 

AOE SEL CH Winsome’s Do You Bearlieve in Magic, RN, CGC, TKN, TC, OFA H/E
Owners: Frank & Kris Fasano & Nancie Phelps
Breeders: Frank & Kris Fasano, Sherry McKinnon & Nancie Phelps

AOE SEL EX CH Winsome’s She’s My Evbearything, RN, CGC, TKN, TC, OFA H/E
Owners: Ronna & William Baney & Frank & Kris Fasano
Breeders: Frank & Kris Fasano

AOE SEL EX PAM DAE CH Woodside’s Once Upon a Time, RN, HT, PT Boundry, HSCs, HSAs, FSIs, AXP, AJP, AX, AJ, CGC, FDC, TKN, LOAL, TC, AKC Achiever Dog, HAN, CHIC
Owners: Deborah Stern & Diane Silver-Strasser
Breeders: Sandy Anderson


AOE SEL EX GCH CH Autumn’s Georgia Rose, RN, TC, OFA H/E                                   
Owners: Joan Fox & Matt McMillan                     
Breeders: Curtis A & Janie L Shaver 

AOE BIS RBIS 3X SEL EX CAN GCH 3 X SEL GCHS CH Covy-Tucker Hills Compass-PP, HI, HT, TC, OFA H/E                         Owners: Dean Patterson III & Cortnie M Partner
Breeders: Dean Patterson III & Cortnie M Partner

AOE SEL EX GCH CH Kimberlite’s My Cherie Amour, RN, SWN, SBA, CGC, TKI, TC, OFA H/E
Owners: Kim McNamara
Breeders: Kim McNamara 

AOE SEL EX CH Millertime’s American Gossip Girl, RN, SWN, SBA, CGC, TKI, TC, OFA H/E
Owners: Craig & Cynthia Miller
Breeders: Craig & Cynthia Miller

AOE SEL EX GCHB CH Tara’s Undeniable v Franken, RN, TC, OFA H/E
Owners: John & Teri Ayotte & Jon White            
Breeders: Jon White

AOE BIM SEL EX CH Riverrock’s Stormy Weather, HSAs, FDC, TC, OFA H/E
Owners: Dr Zoa Rockenstein                                   
Breeders: Dr. Zoa Rockenstein