Suggestions about House Proofing for a New Puppy

Crawl around to get a puppy’s eye view of his surroundings before he arrives and as he grows!

DO NOT bring a puppy into your home if your older dog is dog-aggressive.

Your new puppy needs you to watch out for him when he's little.  He will watch out for you when he's older for the rest of his life. Before Bringing Puppy Home

  • Set up food and water bowls (stainlesss steel is preferred)
  • Set a crate up in an open space for day use so puppy feels like part of the family
  • Decide on a spot outside for house training. A consistent spot to relieve himself helps in house-breaking efforts
  • Ask your German Shepherd breeder for a blanket or towel from the litter so he feels more at home
  • Have treats in your pocket before you leave
  • Ask your breeder not to feed the puppy immediately before picking him up
  • Have a baggie, paper towels and cleaning spray on hand - just in case
  • Keep things quiet and calm when puppy arrives home
  • Only have your immediate family home for the first couple of days to help with bonding

Use lids on garbage cans or keep them behind a secured door.

Potential hazards include:

  • electrical cords
  • small objects
  • poisonous plants
  • medications
  • cleaners
  • stairs
  • open toilet seats
  • materials with cocoa (especially cocoa beans used as mulch for gardens)
  • dental floss (gets tangled on their insides)