Suggestions for Pro-Active Training

Your beautiful German Shepherd puppy will grow very quickly!   Teaching them when they are puppies will pay off for the rest of their life.

Simple training should start the moment your puppy arrives home. Using the same word for the same activities will help them learn quickly:

  • "Let's go out" or just "out"
  • "Sit"
  • "Wait"
  • "Let's go"
  • "Come"
  • "Potty Time"
  • "Good boy/girl"
  • "Hurry up"

Children need to be trained right along with the new puppy and should not be left unsupervised with a young puppy.

Children tend to do all the wrong things.  They run away from the puppy, encouraging it to chase them. They reach over the top of the head which threatens the puppy.  Children in the household must be taught to treat the puppy with kindness and should be included in the puppy's training.

Your German Shepherd puppy is part of a breed that is intelligent, active and agile.  The breed is resourceful and has tons of potential.....  BUT YOU need to channel that potential in a positive way.

Find a good pre-school puppy class in your area.  Find dog training classes in your area.  See if there is a German Shepherd Club in your area.  All puppy training classes should use positive reinforcement methods.  If their methods use intimidation and harshness, find a different class.  Your new puppy is one of the brightest of the canine species and responds well to positive reinforcement.

Planning for daily training before your puppy arrives helps to properly channel that intelligence and energy from the beginning!  As early as 8 weeks, your puppy can learn their name and basic commands like "sit", "stay", "down", "come", and walking by your side without pulling.  REMEMBER...  your puppy will do what you tell him is okay to do.  If you let him do what he wants when he's a puppy, he will expect that when he gets older.

Your puppy will learn by repetition with praise when he gets it right and a repeated lessen when he gets it wrong. 

Select daily exercises and a training program that engages his mind as well as his body.  Use "come" when you put down the food bowl.  Give him a treat when you say his name and he looks at you. 

Your dog will encounter phases where he simply will not listen (remember your teenage years?).  Persevere with the right training and the phase will pass, usually within a few weeks.  Don’t ignore these phases. 

Your German Shepherd breeder will be able to offer you wonderful suggestions when you are unsure on how to proceed. 

Don`t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.  Don`t let your level of frustration elevate.  This will be counter productive in your training efforts.

You can raise your German Shepherd puppy to become the dog your dreams and enjoy everything this very noble breed has to offer.  All it takes is some planning and dedication on your part. 

German Shepherd Dogs are magnificent animals and we are all extremely blessed to have the chance to share our lives with them.