What About Dog Food?

The first 5 ingredients listed on a dog food label are required to be listed in order of their pre-cooked weight.  So the first 5 ingredients in dog food are the most important and should never include:  Corn, Wheat, Gluten, Artificial Colors or Byproducts

"When evaluating any dog food… you’re always looking for a high quality, digestible meat-based protein… as close to the top of the list as possible.  So, if you haven’t found quality protein in those first few ingredients… whatever the number… it’s game over for that dog food."  Dog Food Advisor

The best way to choose a food for your new puppy is to read the ingredients on the dog food label and discuss the food with your breeder.

  • Protein should be the top ingredient in any dog food. Good protein comes from meat ingredients, but not just any meat ingredients. Good dog foods have specific meat sources, like beef, chicken or turkey, eggs & cheese. Bad protein ingredients include byproducts, like "chicken byproduct meal," or mystery meats, like "meat meal," which can include road kill, diseased animals from slaughterhouses and even euthanized dogs and cats. 
  • AVOID foods that rely on corn products as the main protein source.