Single Membership with a Printed Review (Delivered) is $75 (1st Class & Other options available)

Family Membership with a Printed Review (Delivered) is $115 (1st Class & Other options available)

Juniors Membership is for those ages 10 to 18 and does not require payment.


Your membership in the GSDCA does not take effect immediately. Your name will appear as an applicant in the next issue of our magazine.  This allows current members to comment.  Thirty days after your name is published, if no negative responses are received, the membership process will be complete and you will receive a membership number (and your website logon) within 30 days of application.

Beginning with the 2021 election the GSDCA will be implementing an electronic ballot for our elections and other items that are voted on by the membership. The application form includes an opt it, opt out selection for electronic ballots. If you do not wish to cast your votes electronically you may select the Opt Out option.

Membership Type

There are two types of membership, Regular and Junior members.

Regular Members: Minimum age of 18 years. Must be in good standing with AKC. Applicant (and renewing members) agrees to abide by the GSDCA by-laws and the Rules and Regulations of the American Kennel Club. New applicants are encouraged to provide two endorsements by current members, but they are not required to apply for membership. Applicant’s name will be published in the German Shepherd Dog Review. Provided no objections have been filed within 30 days of publication in the Review, applicant will be notified that he/she is eligible for all privileges including the right to vote. Regular members may join via a Single or Family membership. Family membership is defined as 2 people living in the same household -- principal & one other person.

Junior Members: Must be 10 years of age and not more than 18 years of age and shall subscribe to the same criteria as Regular Membership with the exception of the requirement to pay dues. Junior members cannot vote, hold office, or serve on committees other than junior committees.