Terms of Membership

AGREEMENT: As a condition of membership in the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. (hereinafter "GSDCA”), the undersigned member(s) agree(s) that for any cause of action, controversy or claim arising out of or related to (i) membership in the GSDCA, (ii) the entry (including the qualifications of a particular entry), exhibition or attendance at an event sponsored or held by the GSDCA, (iii) the construction, interpretation or effect of this Agreement, or (iv) the administration of the rules, regulations, procedures, and guidelines of the GSDCA, shall be settled by binding arbitration in Albany, New York pursuant to the rules and regulations of the American Arbitration Association then in effect.  Notwithstanding the preceding, prior to commencing arbitration, all published rules, regulations, procedures and guidelines, including those set forth in the By-laws of the GSDCA relating to  disciplinary actions, shall first be followed.  A party may enter the decision of the arbitrators in a court of competent jurisdiction for purposes of enforcement of the decision of the arbitrators.  Approved April 2010, Effective for new memberships & renewals 2011 forward.

Single Membership with a Printed Review (Delivered) is $75 (1st Class & Other options available)
Family Membership with a Printed Review (Delivered) is $115  (1st Class & Other options available)


PLEASE NOTE: Your membership in the GSDCA does not take effect immediately. Your name will appear as an applicant in the next issue of our magazine.  This allows current members to comment.  Thirty days after your name is published, if no negative responses are received, the membership process will be complete and you will receive a membership number (and your website logon) within 30 days of application.

To pay by Credit Card/PayPal: Complete this form and pay through the store. You will automatically be sent to the store when you submit this application.

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Junior Applications:  Junior applications DO NOT require payment.  You DO need to click on the button below to submit your application.  _________________________________________________________________________________________

Please Note:

Family memberships are defined as: Two people living in the same household. The name of the other person is required.  Please let us know if they have a different phone number and/or email address.

Endorsers:  If endorsers (sponsors) are not available, applications may be submitted without signatures. Per GSDCA policy, they may be signed by the GSDCA President and Membership Chair.

By typing your name into the "signature" area, you agree to abide by the GSDCA by-laws and the Rules and Regulations of the American Kennel Club and the terms of membership.  You also agree that we may use your email to send you important Club communication from time to time.

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