Connie Beckhardt Award

First presented in 1991, recipients of the Award should exhibit the qualities of a goodwill ambassador for the German Shepherd Dog. They must display exceptional qualities in mentoring and sharing their time and knowledge with others, and lead by example, demonstrating the best of sportsmanship and care of their German Shepherd Dogs. To learn more about this award and it's past winners, click Read More.

Recipients of the Award must have integrity toward the Breed and the public, and be devoted to the welfare of all German Shepherd Dogs. Included in the definition of integrity are breeders who strive toward producing dogs with sound temperament, working ability, , OVC or SV "a" stamp certified hips and elbows, and good health.

Connie Beckhardt Award Selection Guidelines. 

  1. Member of the GSDCA for at least seven years.
  2. Breeder of German Shepherd Dogs for at least seven years.
  3. Breeder, on their own property, of three AKC German Shepherd Dog Champions
  4. Breeder of one ROM.
  5. Breeder of at least one GSD with a working title.

Nominations can come from members or regional clubs to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The following people have been presented this prestigious award:

2020 Cyndi Flautt 
2019 Dan Dwier
2018 Nanci Nellis
2017 Kent Boyles
2016 Emily St Hilaire
2015 Cindy Bartley
2014 Nancy Harper Mulvaney
2013 Didier Ardoin
2012 Joe Bihari
2011 Dania Karloff
2010 Helen Miller Fisher
2009 Dick & Jean Whalen
2008 Barbara Williams
2007 Gail Sprock
2006 Lori Nickeson
2004 Karin Wagner
2003 Jane Kerner
2002 Charlotte Gilbert
2000 Frank & Carolyn Martello
1999 Doris Estabrook
1998 Mary Ellen Kish
1997 Joan Ortigara
1996 Dorothy Linn
1995 Fran & Joan Ford
1995 Martha & David Rinke
1994 Barbara Woelfel Lopez
1993 George & Virginia Collins
1992 Helen Sherlock & Pat Parsons
1991 Peggy Douglas