Don Cliff Memorial Good Sportsmanship Award

This award recognizes the member who demonstrate's good sportsmanship as an exhibitor, whether winning or losing, gives of time, energy and/or means to the sport of dogsand the German Shepherd Dog, demonstrates ...

kindness and consideration for newcomers in the breed by encouraging and supporting their growth of knowledge in the breed, is active in conformation or performance, maintains high ethical standards in all circumstances and has been a member of the GSDCA for a minimum of 10 cumulative years. Nominations can come from members or regional clubs to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Don Cliff/AKC Good Sportsmanship Award Recipients:

YEAR Recipient
2020 Julie Degan
2019 Chris Kimerer
2018 Cynthia Binder DVM
2017 Ron Halling
2016 Nancy Nellis
2015 Deborah Stern
2014 Julie Swinland
2013 Debbie Kaiser
2012 Jean Whalen
2011 Bud Drew
2010 Bob Braue
2009 Martha Simonette
2008 Joe Bihari
2007 Ben Bigornia
2006 Ardlin (Bart) Bartley
2005 Tami Howard
2004 Dick Whalen
2003 Peggy Douglas
2002 Val Manning
2001 Don Smith