Website Competition

Please contact Pam Stoesser at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  A request to be included in the competition must be received by July 1.  Send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


•  1st Place:  German Shepherd Dog Club of Austin – Webmaster, Petre Monfre
•  2nd Place: German Shepherd Dog Club of Atlanta – Webmaster, Stacey H. Pollio
•  3rd Place: German Shepherd Dog Club of Minneapolis/St. Paul – Webmaster, Roberta Moore
•  4th Place: German Shepherd Dog Club of the San Gabriel Valley – Webmaster, Dream Builders

Regional Club Website Contest Criteria

1. Organization and Structure
Good websites are well organized and not cluttered; they are clean and make it easy to find information.  A lot of pages on your website are not required but they should be attractive & informational to the people you want to join your club.  (Cluttered websites without a clear structure or message can be frustrating for people who are looking for information.)

2. Simple Navigation
Good websites offer simple, obvious and user-friendly navigation so visitors can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. (If they have to spend a lot of time to find what they need they will get frustrated and leave.)

3. Original content about your Club, Shows, Training, Meetings, Events, Etc.
Good and fresh content about what your club is doing invites people to get involved.  You don't have to change everything all the time but there should be an easily-found section - perhaps on your home page - with current and upcoming events/shows/meetings, etc.

4. Attractive & Clean Design
Beautiful & clean design makes a site memorable.  Complimentary colors, sans-serif text, and a clean presentation (not cute little animated animals) will get you kudos here. Too many fonts, particularly those in glaring colors are passe and frustrating.

5. Easy to read
Most people don’t read websites; they scan them. Contrast and hierarchy help the site’s readability by making the content easy on the visitor’s eyes.  Contrast between text and background is very important.  Black text on a white or light-colored background is the easiest scheme for text.  Almost 50% OF PEOPLE TODAY LOOK AT YOUR WEBSITE ON A PHONE so readability becomes critical.

6. Key Information should be obvious
Make the most important information the most important thing when the visitor arrives on the home page.  Don’t expect them to scroll up and down to get your key point(s).  Be obvious.  Tell them this is key information by your headings. 

7. Keep the Website Navigation Standard and Consistent
There are a handful of navigational structures today which website visitors are accustomed to.  Don’t stray too far from those with your navigation.

8. Unconventional Colors
Don’t use colors that are distracting or clashing.  Light-colored backgrounds are generally the easiest to read.  Keep the white text on dark colors for very small amounts of text.  Nothing says "I'M AN OLD WEBSITE" more than different color schemes for each page (unless it's animations on every page).

9.  Images and Animations
Images and animations are not only hard on the eyes on a screen but importantly, they are mostly invisible to Google.  This (unfortunately) will ensure that you will not be on the first page of a Google search.  Use text that Google can “read” and give a relevant description to every image to help people find your website.  Every photo should have descriptive text.

10.  Focus the Website on Your Visitors, Not You
Your website should be functional, useful, and attractive to your audience.  Growing clubs really, really want them to return and get interested in the breed.

11. Make it Easy for Your Visitors to Ask for More Information
Provide a phone number for them to call and/or an email address that they can email or text.  Help them get answers to their questions.  These are your potential new members.  They want to know more about you and you need to know more about them.