GSDCA National Covid-19 Info and Links
(updated 8/19/20)

Joe Khayyat, Illinois Department of Agriculture, is responsible for getting venue and event approvals for our National at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. He has this to say about the approval process, “I’m getting answers from high-level discussions and negations, not from any one document. Most of our events are unique. They’re not cookie cutter events that fall neatly into existing rules or charts. So, for every one of them, we are having to go through the grueling exercise of educating all the agencies involved & then pleading each of our individual cases. For the most part, we are all worried about what the venues are considered more than the events themselves since the events don’t fit neatly into or under a single description.”

It is clear from this that a casual reading of the information on the following websites will not really tell anyone if the National will ultimately be approved. At this time the prognosis is still very good, and these links will help people understand what is going on in Illinois and any mandated or recommended precautions.

We will continue to update this page as planning for the National continues, and will distribute it frequently.

AKC Covid-19 Information

CDC Face Covering Guidance

CDC Covid-19 and Animals

AVMA Covid-19 Information


Hi John, 
It has been come to my attention that 2 All Breed shows scheduled to take place in Illinois, have been cancelled in the past week.
Windy City Cluster, in Grayslake IL was cancelled after “an unidentified fancier” lodged a complaint with the Lake County Health Dept.
Elgin Kennel Club shows we’re cancelled yesterday by the Kane County Health Dept.  
Both Lake and Kane are collar counties surrounding Chicago. Their #’s are as follows:
Lake County:  Population  696,535
Positive cases- 13,485    Deaths-452
Kane County:   Population 532,405
Positive cases- 10,384    Deaths-305
In comparison (Springfield Site of 2020 National)
Sangamon County:  Population 194,672
Positive Cases-  1,487     Deaths-35