Parade of Greats

Entries must be SEVEN years of age by Sept. 1, 2021, except GV, GVX, AOE, ROM, and PAM. This parade is an acknowledgment of Great Dogs, their Longevity, and their Accomplishments.


1. Former Grand Victors or Victrixes of U.S. or Canada

2. Any AOE Recipient

3. Select Dogs and Bitches (U.S. only)

4. ROM Sires and Dams

5. Champions with an advanced performance title, i.e., UD, AX, AXJ, HX, SchHIII, TDX, VST

6. Former North American Siegers or Siegerens

7. VA’s from Germany

8. Highest winning GSD as per AKC records indicating total number of dogs, any breed, defeated in a given year


1. Performance Victors or Victrixes, including Obedience, Herding, and Agility (U.S. only). Dogs must be free of disqualifying faults according to the Breed Standard except for those earning titles in 2013.

2. Performance Award of Merit dogs and bitches

3. Performance Champions, including Obedience, Herding, Agility, and Tracking

4. Schutzhund III dogs and bitches (trained in the U.S. only)

GROUP III – SERVICE DOGS – which can include 

1. Guide Dog

2. Mobility Assistance Dog

3. Hearing Dog

4. Medical Assistance Dog

A. Certified Search and Rescue Dogs (SAR) Requirements Include:

1) Owner must provide a certificate from the SAR team as proof of completion of testing for certification

2) Owner must provide proof that their dog was trained under the guidelines and standards of the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR)

3) Document showing proof of service (ie. Individual SAR team leader, public safety agency representative, or any other agency)

B. Categories

1) SAR Dogs

2) Cadaver Dogs (trained to find human remains)

3) Wilderness Search Dogs (trained to find missing persons in the wild and in cities)

4) Drowned Victim Recovery Dogs (trained to work in and around water searching for human remains)

5) Urban Search Dogs (trained to search for victims of natural or man-made disasters)


1. Dogs who have earned an AKC therapy title (ThD)

2. Therapy dogs who have made 50 visits that are certified by AKC-approved therapy dog Organizations (ex., TDI, Delta, etc.)

3. Psychological Therapy Dogs

PARADE OF GREATS - General Information 

1. If an animal is in poor health (lame) it can still be presented, BUT NOT GAITED

2. The acquired title must be officially awarded by September 1, 2021, and the verification of that title will be included with the entry

3. A FEE of $50 will be charged to cover the cost of Rosettes and Page in the National Catalog

4. Rosettes must be picked up at the National Specialty, none will be mailed

5. Dogs must be presented in the Parade to have their presentation speech read

6. Only AKC, CKC, and WDA titles will be listed in the catalog and on the Presentation Ribbon

7. Dogs must have individual handlers and be presented one at a time

8. Dogs shown in the Parade of Greats CANNOT be shown in Best of Breed competition at that year’s National

SEND A 100-WORD RESUME of dog’s accomplishments and an 8”x10” HARD COPY PHOTOGRAPH (email file attachments are acceptable), both for printing in the catalog and a 25-word PRESENTATION SPEECH to be read as your dog enters the ring. No Rosettes will be mailed. 



Email all entries with photos and resume to:

Amy Edwards 
604 Clark Ave., Edgerton MO 64444 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 816.547.9031

Name of dog and titles


DOB & Registration #

Breeder Name



Owner’s name

Owner’s address



Phonetic pronunciation of dog’s name

Spell out titles (CD=Companion Dog, TD= Tracking Dog, etc.) This is for the announcer only.