This prestigious and difficult-to-obtain title is awarded to the highest combined score in the Open B and Utility classes. Dogs meeting the following criteria will be awarded the title and will receive a miniature of the Von Stephanitz World Prize for Dogs and a special GSDCA black and red rosette.

The requirements for this award (updated 2014) are:

  1. Highest combined score of 380 or better with no less than 190 in each class (Open B & Utility on the same day) over the two trials offered.
  2. The higher of these earned on either day may win provided that at least one owner is a member in good standing with the GSDCA.
  3. The dog is a purebred registered German Shepherd Dog with no Disqualifying faults according to the AKC Standard.
  4. ILP and PAL are not accepted for purposes of this award.
  5. Altered dogs are acceptable.

Obedience Victor/Victrix Recipients:

1968 Heide von Zook UD
1969 (none)  
1970 Schillenkamp Duke of Orleans UD
1971 Bihari's Uncle Sam UD
1972 Ruglor's Reboza von Zook UD
1973 Brunhild of Ravenna UDT, SchH I
1974 Kenilworth Lady Jessica UDT
1975 Penny auf der Heide UDT
1976 Natasha von Hammhausen UD
1977 Herta von Hammhausen UD
1978 Indra von Hoheneichen UD
1979 OTCH Johnsondale's Kool Kaper UD
1980 OTCH Von Jenin's Link UD
1981 (none)
1982 Martin's Kassel vom Lahberg UD
1983 Wynthea's Tony UD
1984 OTCH Wynthea's Scorpio of Lu-Jon's
1985 OTCH Gutes Liebchen vom Haus Sagan TDX
1986 CH OTCH DeBrut's Butch Cassidy UD
1987 Scotswd New Wave TDX SCHH III FH HC
1988 OTCH Scotswd New Wave TDX SCHH III FH HC
1989 OTCH Sacheim Hill's Natash UD 
1990 OTCH Vom Vilhaus RAM UD                                                    
1991 OTCH Vom Vilhaus RAM UD
1992 Kinderknoll's Deo' Favente UD
1993 (none)
1995 (none)
1996 Ashmead's Sizl'n Pyrotekniks UCX TD
1997 OTCH Vom Vilhaus Liebers Eins
1998 Zetta's She's So Bad UDX
1999 Shadowlands Heather Rose
2000 Germantown's O Jager Von Hust UD
2001 OTCH Blitzen Kantele of Ashmead UDX
2002 OTCH MACH AV Nonmark's Della Vopo UDX MX MXJ
2003 CH DeBrut's Moonshadow UDX OA OAJ
2004 Shadowland's Sweet Spirit UD
2005 Burl Oaks Mystic Incantation UDX OA OAJ
2006 OTCH Galli-Curci Vom Mika-Ashmead UDX
2007 CH DeBrut's The Shadow Knows UD NA RE
2008 Delightful Dog's Cody of K & L UDX3 TC CGC
2009 Zita Vom Krummenhager See UD RN
2010 (none)
2011 Victor Performax Atomic Tuco UDX VER RN
2012 OTCH Dante’s Vita Nuova UDX2 OM3 GN GO (Lizanne Kaiser)
2013 Zephyr's Adelaide Princess UDX3 OM2 CD (Ron Halling)
2014 OTCH Heka Shining Brightly vom Mika-Ashmead UDX4 OM7 GN GO VER TD (Kristin Brooks Jones)
2015 OTCH Von Sontausen Holy Grail UDX4 OM4 BN GN RE HGH
2016 OTCH Heka Shining Brightly Vom Mika-Ashmead VCD3 UDX8 GN GO VER MX MXJ DS CGCA
2017 OV3 2017 AU OTCH MACH Heka Shining Brightly Vom Mika-Ashmead VSC3 UDX9 OGM GN GO
2018 HC Oceania Von der Tetiaroa UDX OM1 VER RAE2 AX OAJ MXP2 AJP OF XFP CA SC
2019 OTCH Performax Special Agent UDX6 OM9 VER