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SV/WUSV Programs RFP 2020

Return Date December 15, 2020

Purpose: The intent and purpose of the Invitation to Negotiate is to secure an experienced Office Administrator for the G.S.D.C.A SV/WUSV program

Scope: The Administrator secured for the GSDCA will operate as an independent contractor: The proposer must show evidence of workexperience and background that illustrates the ability to hold the position

Duties: The Administrator shall have the responsibility for the care, custody and control of records and correspondence of theGSDCA received and/or sent to the official address and which relates to the GSDCA SV/WUSV Program.The Administratorshall conduct the following activities:


  • Receive and send correspondence and other communications respecting the operations of the GSDCA's SV/WUSV Programs; these communications must be pre-approved by the President or any other officer of the Such correspondence andcommunications shall include but not be limited to mail, electronic mail and telephone calls.
  • Maintain a weekly backup of all computer records and files;
  • Maintain a list of the GSDCA's SV/WUSV member clubs and their members;
  • Maintain hard copy files of clubs and events;
  • Send annual SV/WUSV member club dues renewal notices;
  • Receive and process SV/WUSV event approval requests;
  • Receive and record show, trial and seminar results;
  • Receive and process SV hip and elbow evaluation applications;
  • Receive and process SV breed surveys;
  • Receive and process GSDCA Qualified Helper applications and certifications;
  • Issue GSDCA trial scorebooks;
  • Issue GSDCA Qualified Helper books;
  • Maintain the master list of GSDCA Qualified Helpers with addresses, telephone numbers and emails;
  • Maintain the master list of the SV/ WUSV program qualified judges with addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses;
  • Maintain a current calendar of GSDCA's SV/WUSV programs approved events;
  • Receive and process microchip, tattoo, DNA and dental certifications;
  • Process credit card payments for SV/WUSV program items through GSDCA's store;
  • Deposit, as soon as reasonably possibly upon receipt, all funds of the GSDCA's SV/WUSV programs received and forwarddetailed spreadsheets and check copies regarding such deposits to the Treasurer of the GSDCA for all funds received anddeposited;
  • Receive and review SV and WUSV invoices for accuracy;
  • Review monthly credit card statements for accuracy of the SV, WUSV and FedEx charges and provide the Treasurer with theproper chart of account numbers for distribution of the SV/WUSV Programs charges;
  • Create new and revised forms and other documents necessary for GSDCA's SV/WUSV Programs;
  • Forward, as soon as reasonably possible upon receipt, information specifically directed to an officer or board member of the GSDCA;
  • Perform such other administrative duties relating to the GSDCA's SV/WUSV Programs as may be required by the GSDCA from time to time;
  • Provide GSDCA's webmaster such updated and new forms, rules and regulations, upcoming events helper listing; judges listing and event results;
  • Maintain a hard copy files as well as electronic files. Provide backup of all files and storage locations, both on and off site;
  • Establish the cost for each duty by coordinating the fee schedule with the GSDCA Board of


  • INDEMNIFICATION: The GSDCA will purchase and maintain during the duration of this agreement a policy of insurancecovering defamation, libel, slander, malicious publication tort in such limits to protect the interest of the GSDCA. TheAdministrator shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the GSDCA, its officers, directors, and agents from any claims,damages, judgements, resulting from the action of the Administrator.


ASSIGNMENT: The agreement will not be assignable in whole or in part.

PROPOSAL: Proposals will be received only electronically, no later than December 15, 2020.

Receipt of the proposal will be acknowledged on the day it is received. Content should contain the resume of the Administrator along with any pertinent information that illustrates the unique qualifications the Administrator would bring to the GSDCA, including ongoingeducation in your field. Proposals will be shortlisted for possible telephone interviews and in depth examination on the basis of but notlimited to experience, similar endeavors with like duties, peer comments, reputation in industry, and evidence of talent.

NOTE: Proposers who possess AKC Show Experience and/or working dog experience, especially with the German Shepherd Dog Breed, would be considered a plus.


Any questions or concerns shall be submitted in writing electronically to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Deborah Stern

Phone: 818-207-6448

Address: 4035 Prado de la Mariposa, Calabasas, CA 91302