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-- February 2017

Subject: WG: Interpretation of WUSV Rule.

Dear Dr. Goldfarb:

Thank you for your request of clarfication regarding the regulations regarding the common qualification trials.

The minutes of the WUSV-General Assembly 2016 say:

If there is more than one member club to the WUSV in a particular country, the individual clubs have to arrange for a common qualification trial that is open to all members. All members have to be admitted for participation provided that the general requirements for the participation are met by the individual member, too.  In case that a member country does not comply with the above mentioned, the mem­bers of the clubs in that country will not be admitted to the WUSV World Championship.

This means that the two clubs have to agree on uniform conditions for participation in the joint qualification trial, which then apply to all participants as determined by the clubs.

If, for example, the two clubs agree that a total result of 250 points, with at least 80 points in phase "C", (maybe from a pre-qualification trial within the club) is the requirement to be admitted to the joint qualification trial, in addition to the health certificates required for the WUSV-World Championship, so those would be the rules.

As a logical consequence, all members of the GSDCA and the USCA could participate in the joint qualification trial, if they meet these requirements, regardless of any allocations. Of course the clubs can also agree on regulations regarding the maximum number of participants from each club to take part in the joint qualification trial, if this would be necessary because of a very large number of members meeting the requirements.

We hope this helps to clear the situation.   Please feel free to contact us if further questions arise or information is needed.

Hartmut Setecki
Weltunion der Vereine für Deutsche Schäferhunde
(WUSV) e.V.